Minutes of the December 16, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
December 16, 2013 Member Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Ann Shea, Nancy Barbanera, , Kathy Skoff, Judy Collum, , Barbara Maiz, Susan Loso, Mary Walker, Denise Lipscomb, Eleanor O’Brien, Steve Martin, Willard Olsen,

Minutes from December 02 ,2013 approved as posted.
Judy thanked all who helped with the Church Yard Sale and at the Christmas Party. We will be receiving funds from the yard sale (approx . $1200) and from the Spanish Prayer Group’s Novena (approx. $750).
Upcoming Events:
1. Feb 22-Ozanam Orientation-St. James, Orlando.
2. Mar 08- Ozanam Orientation-St. Brendan, Ormond Beach.
3. Mar 15- Spiritual Retreat at Holy Family.
4. Apr 05-Quarterly meeting at All Souls.

We received a thank you note from Sue Mohr and Father Voor thanking SVDP for our participation at the Harvest Festival.
Case Report:
994. Rent- $200
995. Inkind food-$50/Lodging -$180
996. Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$20
778. Inkind food-$50/Lodging-$196
952. Inkind food-$50
986. Bus Passes-$8.20/Bicycle-$125
577. Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$20
947. Inkind food-$100/Gas Voucher-$20
840. Inkind food-$50
43. Storage-$85.60
1001. Utility-$54
997. Lodging- $180
998. Water-$84.98
999. Utility-$239.13
908. Inkind food-$75/Clothing voucher- $75/Bus passes-$8.10/Lodging-$405
633. Inkind food-$50
989. Lodging- $120/Bus passes-$4.05
695. Utility-$61.03
1000. Inkind food-$50
Frozen Meat-$100.26
Tents for Homeless-$80
Pinecrest –(20)-$300
All Souls School-(12)-$300
Savings account balance-$15,289.65
Checking balance-$14,309.50
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Young Vincentians-Susan reported they will be holding their Christmas Party on December, 15.
Wash Day- Next event January 22, 2014. Steve will work it. Need one more volunteer.
SVDP Executive Director Report- N/A
Pantry- Barbara reported the pantry is doing well. Bags of Care has added one additional bag for All Souls School. They also have 7 turkeys to give out.
Angel Tree is went up November 30,2013. Asking that gifts be back by December 15. We have received lots of toys. Will be wrapping for Recovery House on Dec 17, 10a-3p. We will also be wrapping on Tues, Wed and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm as needed. Will be giving out gifts on Saturday morning, December 21 at the White House.
New Business:
January 08 is our next Grace and Grits event.
January 18/19 is the next Knights of Columbus food drive for our panty.
January 09, the Young Vincentians are working Sanford’s Alive After 5, serving up hot cocoa and cookies.
The Thrift Store truck is coming to All Souls on January 25/26. Please sign up to help.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Board meeting –06 January2014


Minutes of the November 4, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls  Church

November 04, 2013  Board Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall


Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm,  Doreen Owens,    Susan Loso, Judy Collum,  Mary Walker,   Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire,   Kathy Skoff,  Ann Shea, Pat Karakoosh, Barbara Maiz,  Mercedes Henry

Minutes from October 21 2013 approved as posted.


Judy presented an outline of duties and responsibilities of members to be further discussed at the member meeting.  
Judy also presented a budget of 2013-2014.
We amended the date for the Walk for the Poor to October 04, 2014, the Souper Supper to September 20, 2014 and the SVDP Appreciation Coffee and Donut Event to April 27, 2014. Doreen made a motion to accept the budget as amended. Motion was seconded by Ann and Barbara.
The Church will also need volunteers for the December 7, 2014 Yard Sale.


We received a thank you letter from Safe House for donated baby items.

Case Report:

116. Inkind food-$5
585. Inkind food-$50
685. Inkind food-$20
746. Inkind food-$75
867. Inkind food-$70
884. Inkind food-$100
908. Inkind food-$100/Clothing Voucher-$100/Toys-$40
956. Inkind food-$25/Clothing Voucher-$65
967. Inkind food-$45
968. Inkind food-$150
973. Mortgage-$688
974. Inkind food-$75
975. Inkind food-$70/Clothing Voucher-$150/Bus Passes-$8.10/Lodging-$143
976. inkind food-$100/Clothing voucher-$100/Gas Voucher-$20
977. Utility-$234.11
978. Inkind food-$75
979. Inkind food-$30
980. Inkind food-$75
Frozen Meat-$82.06
976. Furniture-$200
746. Utility-$149.75
585. Utility-$180.25
979. clothing Voucher- $27.96
981. Diapers-$20/Lodging-$115
312. Furniture Voucher-$20
Pinecrest –(20)-$400
All Souls School-(14)-$350


Savings account balance-$15,289.65
Checking balance-$11,174.37


Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Susan/Mary reported that 20 Young Vincentians helped out with their Fall Festival at the Rescue Outreach with 12 kids in attendance for the party. The Young Vincentians will be holding a bake sale at the Church Yard Sale on December 7, 2014 and a retreat on December 08, 2014.
Wash Day- Next event January 22, 2014.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Next Diocesan Meeting is January 18, 2014 at St. John Vianney Church.
Pantry-  Barbara and Pat reported  that they have requested gift cards from the Knights in their quest to help SVDP more. The next food drive will be January 18/19, 2014. Pantry is in need of sweet potatoes.


Judy thanked all for volunteering their time working the Fall Festival. We had 16 volunteers working a total of 128 hours for the event.


Our SVDP Christmas Party will be held on December 14, 2013 at the Sanford Womens Club. Bring a dish to share and a $10 items for gift exchange.
Be ready to volunteer for the Church Yard Sale on December 7, 2014
Angel Tree goes up on December 01, 2013. Be ready!

Closing Prayer.

Next meeting- Member   meeting – 18 November,  2013

Minutes of the October 21, 2013 Membership Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls  Church

October 21, 2013  Member Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall


Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm,  Doreen Owens,   Judy Collum,  Anne Merrill, Mary Walker,   Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire, ,  Jeanette Guzman, Ann Shea, Pat Karakoosh, Barbara Maiz,  Mercedes Henry, Denise Lipscomb, Avonne Segbers, Anita Amgrogio, Dave Daly, Willard Olsen, Dennis Roman, Stephen Robinson, Cindy Robinson, Corrine DelPalozzo, Trace Trylko

Minutes from October 7,  2013 approved as posted.



Judy welcomed and commissioned Corrine as our new spiritual advisor. Welcome Corrine!
Judy received a letter from the Catholic Women to invite us to the Thanksgiving Dinner on November 24, 2013 from 12p-2p. Tickets are $12 prior to the date and $15 day of.
Judy reminded a wine and cheese party will be sponsored by Our Lady of the Lakes Church on October 26, 2013 for a $10 admission. Please bring a can of food for their pantry.
Judy thanked everyone for another successful, awesome Souper Supper.


Case Report:

169 .Rent-$200
317. INkind food-$25
410. Utility-$56.66/Inkind food-$100
481. Inkind food-$100
637. Utility-$200
723. Inkind food-$45
778. Inkind food-$40/Bus Ticket-$6
897. Inkind food-$100
933. Inkind food-$25
962. rent-$200
965. rent- $250
966. Utility-$303.02
967. Lodging-$180
968. Inkind food-$150/Gas Voucher-$25
970. Inkind food-$30
971. Inkind food-$50
972. Inkind food-$40
Bags of Care:
All Souls School- (6)-$150


Savings account balance-$15, 289.65
Checking balance-$11238.30


Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Young Vincentians: Last meeting held on Oct 20, 2013 was well attended. The members have voted for an additional meeting per month for a spiritual gathering. Their fall festival at the Outreach Center will be held Oct 27, 2013.
Scholarship Committee:
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace advised of the next SVDP quarterly meeting will be held at St John Vianney on January 18, 2014 and next SVDP spiritual retreat will be March 5, 2014 at Holy Family Church.
Wash Day- Next event is January 22, 2014, now a quarterly event.
Pantry-  Barbara reported of a meeting regarding Pinecrest bags and possible additional bags needed.
It is ok to buy larger cans for the bags. There is also a great need for gently used school shoes for Pinecrest students.


The Fall Festival starts on November 1 and runs through November 3, 2014. If you don’t already have a time slot to volunteer, please let Judy know. We will be manning the ticket booths again this year. There may be a need for more volunteers in the Sweet Treat Booth also.
Our next Grace and Grits event is Oct 23, 2013.


Our SVDP Christmas party is fast approaching for December 14, 2013, being held at the Sanford Women’s Club. 

Our Closing Prayer.

Next meeting- Board   meeting – November 04, 2013.

Minutes of the October 7, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls  Church

October 07, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall


Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm,  Doreen Owens,   Judy Collum, Barbara Maiz, , Kevin McGuire, Cathy Skoff, Mercedes Henry, Jeanette Guzman,  Dave Daly, Ann Shea, Nancy Barbanera

Minutes from September 23 , 2013  Meeting approved as posted. 

We read and discussed zeal from  Chapter 22 in our Ozanam Hope Book.


Judy advised there will be a budget/structure meeting at the White House at 6;30pm Oct 10, 2013


We had a very nice thank you note from the Lawlors.

Case Report:

671. Inkind food-$8
833. Inkind food-$74/Lodging-$240
906. Inkind food-$30/Lodging-$48
332. Inkind food-$25
700. Rent-$200
834. Medication-$26.99/Inkind food-$100
843. Inkind food-$50
925. Bus passes-$14.40
945. Gas-$10
961. Utility-$233.23/Inkind food-$100
962. Gas-$20
963. Utility-$200/Inkind food-$30
964. Rent-$300
965. Inkind food-$75/Inkind food-$50
Bags of Care:
All Souls-(6)-$150


Savings account balance: $15,177.79
Checking account  balance: $12,171.28


Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy asap. She needs all hours/miles from 2012-2013.
Communications: N/A
Scholarship committee: N/A
Wash Day- Next event is October 09, 2013. Ellie and Steve will work it.
Pantry-  Barbara reported  that the pantry is doing well. She is gathering items to use at our next Grace and Grits.  


The Walk for the Poor has brought in $7780 so far. There is still more coming from the online sponsorships. We had 191 walkers this year. 5 of those from Our Lady of the Lakes.   We discussed the cost of the t-shirts and the extra cost involved to print the sponsors on the back.
We discussed the upcoming Souper Supper for October 18, 2013. Cost will be $4.50 for adults and kids under 12 are free.  We will set up that day at noon, and be back at 5pm with your soups. Door prizes will be given out every 15 min.  If you have recipes for the cookbook, please send them to Barbara by this Friday.
Our next Grace and Grits event is Oct 23, 2013. Please come out to help if you can.


Closing Prayer.

Next meeting- Member   Meeting–October 21,, 2013. Case Management meeting October 14, 2013.   

Minutes of the September 23, 2013 Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church

September 23, 3013 Member Meeting

Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Susan Loso, Judy Collum, , Anne Merrill, Mary Walker, Nancy Barbanera Kathy Skoff, Ann Shea, Dave Daly, Barbara Maiz Anita Ambrogio, Pat Karakoosh, Willard Olsen, Steve Martin, Tom Bucinski, Denise Lipscomb, Avonne Segbers, Trace Trylko, Mercedes Henry, Suzanne Kelly, Ellie O’Brien, Susan Giancolleto

Minutes from September 09 approved as posted.

Spiritual reading- Module II, Chapter 2.2-Mortification.

Judy welcomed new board member Kathy Skoff and Barbara Maiz.
Judy distributed 2013-14 calendar of events.
Sunday, September 29th is the Mass for SVDP at 10am at Church.

Case Report:

180. Personal care items-$25
317. Inkind food-$50
366. Inkind food-$75
427. Inkind food-$75
496. Rent -$350
622. Utility -$68.98
669. Utility-$151.74
713. Utility-$342
857. Rent- $600
946. Inkind food-$50
952. Inkind food-$40
953. Rent-$346/Inkind food-$25
954. Gas Voucher -$25
955. Bus Passes-$28.80/Inkind food-$40
956. Utility-$248.05/Inkind food-$25
957. Rent- $400/Inkind food-$100
959. Inkind food-$60
960. Inkind food-$30
Bags of Care:
All SoulsFood- (6)-$150
Cash-$2560.57/Inkind$895.00 Grand Total $3455.57

Savings account balance-15,177.79
Checking account balance-$6927.91
Case managers have a $1200 cap per week.

Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported on the National Meeting that she and John Loso attended. Next year’s meeting is in Atlanta.
Scholarship Committee:N/A
SVDP Executive Director Report-Trace reported that there were 80 attendees at the last Quarterly SVDP meeting. The next quarterly meeting is January 18, 2014 at St John Vianney Church.
Wash Day- Next event is 09October, 2013- Steve and Ellie will work it..
Pantry- Barbara reported the Pantry is doing well. The Knight’s Food Drive added 1400 new items to the pantry .
Voice of the Poor- Suzanne reported there are 4 bills currently in Congress regarding the poor.
Plans and assignments for the Walk for the Poor on 28 Sep 2013 were finalized.
Bags of Care- We have volunteers signed up through January 30, 2014.
We discussed the upcoming October 19th Souper Supper.
December 14, 2013 will be out next SVDP Christmas Party.
Our next Grace and Grits event will be October 23, 2013.
At Barbara Maiz’s house on September 26, 2013, we will be praying the Rosary.

The Fall Festival is November 1-3rd, 2013. Sign up today to help man the ticket booths.
Closing Prayer.

Next meeting- Board meeting –07 October, 2013
Case Managers Meeting- 14 October 2013

Imagine walking 47 miles to get some help – they did and we helped!

Two weeks ago, a homeless couple in their late 40s walked from Haines City, FL to our St. Vincent de Paul offices in Apopka, FL … 47 miles. The husband had a job lead and they needed some help. We replaced worn-through shoes, provided clothing and food and put the couple up in a motel. Even though the job lead fell through, the man landed another job driving a truck.

Every day, St. Vincent de Paul helps people like this couple. It’s time for our 6th Annual Friends of the Poor Walk and the one time each year I reach out to family and friends and ask for pledges.

Would you please consider making a donation of any kind at:


or please mail a check to me at P.O. Box 951402 Lake Mary, FL 32795.

All donations are tax deductible and will help provide food for our Bags of Care Program to support homeless students or to keep the lights on and prevent people from being evicted.

Thanks much for your generosity and support!


Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

September 27

Gospel: (Luke 4:16-19)
Jesus came to Nazareth where he had been reared, and entering the synagogue on the sabbath as he was in the habit of doing, he stood up to do the reading. When the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed him, he unrolled the scroll and found the passage where it was written: “The spirit of the Lord is upon me; therefore, he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring good tidings of joy to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind and release to prisoners, to announce a year of favor from the Lord.” Rolling up the scroll he gave it back to the assistant and sat down. All in the synagogue had their eyes fixed on him. Then he began by saying to them, “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

“Vincent makes a clear explicit choice: ‘All aim at loving him, but they love him in different ways: Carthusians by solitude; Capuchins by poverty; others, again, by singing his praises. But we are bound to show it by leading the people to love God and their neighbor.’ The vision Vincent offers is not one of Christ as teacher, nor as healer, nor as “perfect adorer of the Father”( the vision of Berulle), nor “perfect image of the divinity” (the vision of Francis de Sales), but of Evangelizer of the poor. Vincent’s disciples are called to enter into the following of Christ in the very terms with which, in Luke’s gospel, Jesus opens his public ministry: ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; therefore he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring glad tidings of joy to the poor…’ In Luke’s perspective, a new age is dawning. Jesus announces the good news of the kingdom to all, but especially to the poor, the weak, the lowly, the out casts of the world.” (Maloney, The Way of St. Vincent de Paul, p.22-23)

Vincentian Meditation:
“St. Vincent’s spirituality flows from his contemplation of this Christ. The driving force that generates both the incredible activity and the gentle contemplation of this great saint is his vision of the Evangelizer of the Poor. He encourages his followers to contemplate this Christ again and again. “O how happy they will be who can repeat at the hour of their death those beautiful words of Our Lord: ‘He sent me to bring good news to the poor.’”
(Maloney, The Way of St. Vincent de Paul, p.23-24)

Discussion: (Share your thoughts on the readings after a moment of silence)

In what ways do you “bring good news to the poor?”

Closing Prayer:
Gentle God, renew in us the spirit of our patron St. Vincent de Paul,
-kindle is us the fire of your love.
Tender God, show us how to weep with those who weep,
-fill our hearts with compassion and love.
Creator God, you call women and men to be Vincentians,
-give us eyes to see Christ in the broken and the poor.

Minutes of the August 5, 2013 SVDP Board Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board August 05, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Collum Ann Shea Judy Wilhelm Nancy Barbanera Kevin McGuire Anne Merrill Mary Walker Kathy Skoff Susan Loso
Guests from Our Lady of the Lakes: Gladys Portieles and Aileen Lane
SPIRITUAL READING: Simplicity from Serving in Hope- Module II
The minutes from our last meeting July 15, 2013 approved as posted.
Judy updated us on the process for the required fingerprinting. Can access from the All Souls website. Bring in your receipt after completion for a $25 reimbursement.
Meeting for calendar planning for next year has been postponed. Judy passed out a activity sheet to determine activities for next year.
Judy is requesting more board members.
There is a request for member representation at the 2014 National Conference in Atlanta.
Judy created an SVDP brochure for our consideration and requested our input of how many to order.

926. Rent- $220
927. Gas Voucher-$25/Clothing-$100
646. Utility-$185.68/Inkind food-$60
924. Clothing- $25/Inkind food-$30
778. Inkind food-$60/Bus Passes-(5)-$20.75
180. Inkind food-$50
589. Inkind food-$60
138. Rent -$400
921. Utility-$37.84
922. Utility-$$247.56/Inkind food-$60
923. Lodging-$120/Inkind food-$30
924. Lodging -$486/Gas Voucher-$25
925. Inkind food-$30
589. Inkind food-$80
566. Personal care items-$25
840. Bus Passes –(7)-$29.05
916. Rent-$300
917. Utility-$140.11
918. Water- $153.16
939. Utility-$94.97
350. Water-$54.22
912. Inkind food-$100
317. Personal care items-$15
661. Personal care items-$15
840. Inkind food-$35
867. Personal care items-$25
897. Inkind food-$75
843. Inkind food-$50
465. Inkind food-$100
890. Inkind food-$40
920. Inkind food-$50
Bags Of Care:
All Souls- 7 bags- $175.00

A thank you note was received from Melissa Roberts family.
Savings account balance-$27,261.23
Checking account balance-$6252.70
Volunteer hours/miles are now due for previous months.
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported that August 18 will be the first meeting of the new school year. They will be distributing items from the Life Drive on August 7, followed by a treat at Dairy Queen.
Executive Director-Judy reported the Diocesan quarterly meeting on July 20, 2013 was well attended and disaster preparedness was one of the topics covered.
Wash Day: next event: August 14, 2013. Mary, Jeanette and Steve will work.
Judy needs to know all of our Walk sponsors so she can get the names put on the Walk t-shirts. Deadline: August 21, 2013. If you are getting items for the goody bags, we need 200 units. We will stuff bags at our September 16 meeting.
Grace and Grits on July 17, 2013 was a great success. Thanks to Kevin and all who worked the event. J
The next Knights of Columbus food drive is the weekend of August 14/15.
The thrift store truck is coming the weekend of August 24/25th. Let Judy know which time slot you can help out.

Closing Prayer.
Next Meeting: Membership meeting on August 19, 2013.
Case management meeting: August 12th, 2013.

August 19, Monday Weekday

Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people. — Psalm 106:4

Mass Readings: Judges 2:11-19/Matthew 19:16-22

Worship Only God

Recently I was in a supermarket getting my weekly groceries when I came across a mother with a young child in tow. Apparently he had little impulse control and repeatedly reached out to grab items off the shelf. I was at one end of an aisle when from the opposite end I heard a loud crash. The child had pulled down an entire display and then the mother asked the oft-repeated parental question, “Don’t you ever learn?”

After the death of Joshua, the Israelites often worshiped pagan gods. God would allow foreigners to oppress His people until they repented. Then He would raise up a leader, a judge, to save the people. But the people didn’t learn: “when the judge died, they would relapse and do worse than their ancestors.”

Prayer: Oh, Dear Lord, help me learn!

Courtesy of Our Sunday Visitor: http://www.osv.com/MyDailyVisitor/tabid/7626/Default.aspx

Question of the Day for Monday, August 19, 2013

Different Bibles?

Q. My Protestant friends tell me the Catholic Bible has books that shouldn’t be in it. What’s the difference?

A. Here’s a reply from Father Reginald Martin:

No one will deny Scripture is a fundamental element of our Christian faith. However, some books of Scripture, reflecting the tradition of the early Church, are held in greater esteem than others. The “Jerome Biblical Commentary” (1968) observes, “If a book was derived from an apostle, it embodied his immediate experience of Christ [and] would mirror the faith of the Church.” Old Testament works revered in Judaism were given the highest regard; those less regarded were given less attention.

Read the rest of the answer at Our Sunday Visitor: http://www.osv.com/TCANav/TCAQuestionoftheDay/Aug19232013/tabid/8731/Default.aspx