Minutes of the July 7, 2014 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board Meeting July 07, 2014 7:00 pm ET
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Anne Merrill, Ann Shea, Dave Daly, Mary Walker, Kathy Skoff, Judy Collum,, Barbara Maiz, DelPalazzo, Judy Wilhelm, Dennis Roman, Nancy Barbanera
Board members not present: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Kevin McGuire, Jeanette Guzman
Minutes for June 16, 2014 meeting approved as posted with correction of the spelling of Kathy Skoff’s name.

Opening Prayer- Corrine
We awarded our final and 5th scholarship to Alexandra Oretsky.
Congratulations to our 2014 Award Winners!
We discussed officers for the next year, beginning Oct 01, 2014.
We discussed the All Souls’ Ministry Fair on Aug 22/23. We also discussed the volunteer hours for our Walk fundraiser at Publix (Aug 16 ) and Walmart (Aug 23). Walmart will be 8a-3p and Publix will be 10a-3p. Mary will recruit volunteers. Anne moved that we begin our Walmart hours at 8a, Aug 23 and Corrine seconded the motion.
Thank you notes sent to CCW, The Nation’s Law Firm, Gator’s Dockside and Family Saviours.
1084. Utility-$115.94/Inkind food-$50
1085. Rent-$839/Gas Voucher-$20/Inkind food-$100
1086. Bed/furniture-$120
1087. Bed/furniture-$260
1088. Lodging-$250/Inkind food-$80/Gas Voucher-$20
1089. Water-$148.12
1090. Utility-$101.59
1091. Gas Voucher-$20
817. Inkind food-$30
1025. Inkind food-$40
967. Inkind food-$30
1092. Inkind food-$60
1093. Lodging-$290
1094. Inkind food-$75/Utility-$126.66/Water-$147.79
1095. Utility-$150
1096. Rent-$200/Inkind food-$30
1097. Inkind food-$40/Clothing voucher-$20
1098. Lodging-$50/Personal Care-$20
603. Inkind food-$75
956. Personal care-$10
1076. Inkind food-$65/Rent-$300/Rent-$300 …?
1099. Inkind food-$80
1060. Inkind food-$20/Bus pass-$4.05
1073. Rent-$200
1052. Water-$77.97/Inkind food-$80
1100. Inkind food-$25
1101. Inkind food-$75/Utility-$324.13
1102. Utility=$178
1103. Utility-$361.12
Bags of Care:
All Souls – 12 bags=$300
June Wash Day-TBD
Current Savings balance-$25,320.81
Current Checking balance-$11,669.91
1. Send your volunteer hours/miles to Judy.
2. Scholarship report- Anne reported that we awarded our 5th scholarhip to Alexandra Oretsky..
3. Young Vincentians- Corrine reported that some of the YV members and advisor may attend the National SVDP meeting in Atlanta in September.
4. Executive Report-N/A
5. Wash Day-Next event 7/16- Steve and Anita will work it. Nations Law firm donated quarters for that event.
6. Pantry- Barbara distributed a pantry donations spread sheet showcasing all donations and their source. Thank you, Barbara! Aug 16/17 will be the next Knight’s Food Drive for our pantry.
7. Bags of Care- Anne reported there are still bags being given out to All Souls families over the summer break.
8. Walk for the Poor- Kathy distributed more Walk packets to members for potential sponsorships.

ATT/ Internet down in the White House.
1. Quarterly meeting July 19 at St John Vianney (new venue). If you want to carpool, be at Publix on SR 436 that morning at 8:30am.
2. Thrift Store Truck scheduled for July 19/20 will be cancelled.
3. Need a committee of 3 or 4 people to review Resolution 119, all rules, etc, for compliance. To be discussed further at the Member Meeting.
4. Grace and Grits for Oct 15 – Trying to switch dates due to the Cipparones being out of town that week.
5. Anne reported that Chase is no long sponsoring the expired coupon program for the military overseas. She is collecting no more coupons.

Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Case managers-July 14/Member Meeting-July 21.


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