Minutes of the June 2, 2014 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board June 02, 2014
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Dave Daly, Ann Shea, Anne Merrill, Judy Collum, Kathy Skoff, Mary Walker, Kevin McGuire
Board Members Jeanette Guzman, Barbara Maiz Absent
Opening Prayer
Judy discussed more details regarding the Fall Festival grant process, due on July 01.
Judy thanked all the participants who cleaned the storage unit and helped with the ice cream social event for the school.
Thank you cards/emails were sent to the following:
CCW- 22 food items with a value of $76.
Angie Bryant and Faith Formation- 8 items valued at $22.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Michels-check for $82.50
Knights of Columbus-100 bags valued at $3000.
Ms. Heneghan/All Souls students-92 items valued at $349.
Martha Halcrow and the Heathrow Women’s Club- 45 items valued at $115.
The minutes from May 19, 2014 approved as posted.
163. Inkind food-$50/Water bill-$180.71
253. Utility-$149.25
317. Inkind food-$35
404. Inkind food-$25
483. Bus Passes-$8.10/Inkind food-$40
498. Inkind food-$50
518. Gas voucher-$20/Inkind food-$80/Utility-$119.24/Water-$101.34/Food-$80
577. Personal Care Items-$25
731. Water bill-$60.05
824. Utility-$298.00
836. Inkind food-$50
956. Personal Care items-$50
970. Inkind food-$50
1011. Inkind food-$50/Utility-$69.09/Personal care items-$10/Bus Passes-$4.05
1035. Medicine-$156.85
1044. Utility-$53.28
1048. Rent-$200/Inkind food-$100
1052. Inkind food-$50
1053. Inkind food-$60/Rent-$600
1056. Inkind food-$50
1057. Inkind food-$40
1065. Inkind food-$50/Inkind food-$50
1066. Inkind food-$50
1067. Gas Voucher-$20/Rent-$360/Personal Care Items-$30
1068. Inkind food-$50/Inkind food-$100/Inkind food-$40
1069. Furnishings-$580/Gas voucher-$20/Inkind food-$30
1070. Rent-$444
1071. Inkind food-$85/Water bill-$138
1072. Lodging-$263/Inkind food-$50
1073. Transportation-$86.92/Inkind food-$60
1074. Inkind food-$60
1075.Inkind food-$45
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest-$30 bags@20= $600
All Souls-32 bags@25=$800
Mission Trip for 3 students-$900
Totals-Cash-$8831.88 /inkind-$2880=Total-$11711.88

Checking account balance-$14,632.31
Savings account balance-$25,320.81
Please turn in your volunteer hours/miles.
Scholarship –Anne reported the selection process went really well this year and she got the Award cake free. Our 5th award winner is still pending.
Executive Director’s Report-N/A
Wash Day- June 18 –next event. Mary will recruit volunteers.
Food Pantry- N/A
Bags of Care- Anne reported the last delivery before summer vacation will be June 02.
Voice of the Poor-N/A
Walk for the Poor- Kathy requested signage for our pre-walk fund raising at some local stores. Doreen made a motion that we purchase the signs. Kevin seconded the motion.
Dave recently attended the Disaster Relief Responders Meeting in Apopka.
He reported there will be a training session July 11, from 8:30 am-11:30 am for 2nd level responders. Call 407-665-1012 to sign up.
We netted $493.22 on our Mother’s Day flower sale.
Mass for the Poor will be June 21, 2014 with a a social to follow a the Mexican Restaurant downtown Sanford. Let Judy know if you are attending.
Closing Prayer.
Next Meeting-Membership= June 16, Case Managers-June 9

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