Minutes of the May 5, 2014 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board Meeting 05 May 2014
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm Mary Walker Ann Shea Judy Collum Doreen Owens
Jeanette Guzman Trace Trylko Kevin McGuire Nancy Barbanera Anne Merrill Barbara Maiz Corrine Del Palazzo Dennis Roman Dave Daly Kathy Skoff
Opening Prayer- Corrine/ Read Module 2.3
Discussed seeing movie: Heaven is For Real
The minutes from our previous meeting were approved as posted with the correction of the spelling of Kathy Skoff’s name.
Judy passed out and explained the Harvest Festival Grant process form.
Judy advised we received a thank you from Lynn Hier for our donation for her sister’s medical care.

1063. Utility- $319.42/Inkind food-$40
1060. Lodging-$125
1048. Immigration Papers-$160
515. Inkind food-$50
1048. Bus Pass-$14.40
589. Inkind food-$60
957. Inkind food-$50
577. Gas Voucher-$20
Pantry Meat-$97.20

Food for Pantry -$98.33
Wash Day-(39)-$103
Medical Twinning-$1000
Total $1839.02 Cash $1185.00 Inkind food
Bags of Care:
All Souls School-16@$25= $400
Pinecrest School-20@$20=$400

Current checking balance-$15,055.36
Savings balance-$25,320.81
Judy and Ann complied the quarterly report, distributed to board members and discussed.
Due to the need for more bus passes, more will be purchased.
Volunteer time sheets now due for April and any previous months you may have missed. J
Scholarship Committee- Anne reported the committee did 15 interviews and have narrowed down to 4 recipients. Anne requested funding for one additional scholarship. Corrine made a motion for the additional scholarship and Ann Shea seconded the motion. All in favor for the scholarship amount of $1000.
Scholarship award winners: Logan Saucer, Jennifer Moran, Kevin Kelly, Morgan Ginn
The award ceremony will be at our next meeting.
Pantry-Barbara advised the pantry is well stocked, thanks to the Knights Food Drive. We received 100 bags with a value of $3000 (1200 items).
Young Vincentians- Corrine thanked all who attended their last meeting of the school year.
Wash Day-May 28- Steve and Mary will work it.
Executive Director- Trace announced there will be a bus for anyone who would like to attend the Atlanta Conference in September for a fee of $100 per person. There is a program with ADT, promotion code A122178, that will provide a donation to SVDP with a purchase of a security system. Also advised there is a program with Amazon, at Smile.Amazon.com, for donations to SVDP for online sales.

We have sponsorship packets available for our next Walk for the Poor fundraiser.
Kathy updated us on Walk for the Poor donation table dates at Walmart on 17-92(Aug 23) and Publix on SR46(Aug 16).
The Parish Appreciation Donuts and Coffee event went swimmingly well. Judy thanked all.
The May 3 Annunciation Meeting went well.
Knights of Columbus food drive, as mentioned above, netted 1200 food items with a value of $3000. There will be a spring cleaning of the storage unit on Saturday, May 17 at 8:30am. Come out and help if you can and bring a broom.
Mother’s Day flower sale will be held on May 10/11. Let Mary know which shift you would like to work. We will put flowers together on May 9, 6:30pm, at the White House.
Judy announced the Ice Cream Social for All Souls School on May 22 at 1pm. Let Judy know if you can work it.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- 20 May 2014- Member Meeting/Scholarship Award ceremony, Case Management Meeting -12 May 2014.

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