Minutes of the April 21, 2014 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church

April 21, 2014 Member Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Mercedes Henry, Stephanie Fuoco, Corrine DelPalazzo, Denise Lipscomb, Kathy Scoff, Judy Collum, Trace Trylko, Barbara Maiz, Mary Walker, Steve Martin, Eleanor O’Brien, Anita Ambrogio, Stephen Robinson, Cindy Robinson, Dave Daly, Willard Olsen, Kevin McGuire, Judy Wilhelm, Ann Shea, Doreen Owens, Nancy Barbanera

Corrine opened with a spiritual reading.

Minutes from April 7 meeting approved as posted with the addition of the distribution of the Fidelity Grant as follows: Scholarships-$2000/Pantry -$500, Client services $6500, Wash Day-$500 and mattresses-$500, totaling $10,000. Doreen made a motion to approve the distribution, Corrine seconded the motion. All were in favor, approved.


Judy welcomed our newest member: Stephanie Fuoco.
Judy reminded us of dates to remember: May 3-Hope in Action-Annunciation Church
Judy advised the date for our next Souper Supper is now October 24. Please mark your calendars.
May 17, at 8:30am, we will be cleaning out the storage units. All welcome to help.
Mary made a motion to donate $1000 towards the medical bills for Lynn Hyer’s sister, who was in an accident and has no insurance. Barbara seconded the motion. All were in favor.

A thank you note was sent to Paul and Sherri Cipparone for their assistance with our last Grace and Grits event. Another thank you went out to CCW for their donation of 50 items, valued at $125. Judy sent a thank you note to Walmart for all of their donations to SVDP, and also to Todd’s Tomatoes.

Case Report:

226. Gas Voucher-$20/Inkind food-$25
317. Inkind food-$15
473. Inkind food-$40
481. Inkind food- $65
699. Utility-$199.73
710. Toiletries-$20
738. Inkind food-$25/clothing voucher-$25
901. Inkind food-$30
970. Inkind food-$50
991. Inkind food-$10
992. Bus Pass-$4.05
1013. Rent -$350/Toiletries-$56.43
1035. Medicine-$156.85
1046. Utility-$122.61/Inkind food-$25
1047. Rent -$250
1048. Bus Pass- $14.50/Inkind food-$100
1049. Lodging-$135/Inkind food-$50
1050. Inkind food-$50
1051. Inkind food-$70/Household-$50
1052. Utility-$71.18/Inkind food-$75
1053. Inkind food-$100
1054. Inkind food-$60
1055. Inkind food-$50
1056. Utility-$110.57/Gas Voucher-$20/Inkind food-$30/Inkind food-$60
1057. Clothing voucher-$30/Toiletries-$20
1059. Rent-$290/Inkind food-$40
1060. Rent-$125/Bus Pass-$8.10
1061. Gas Voucher-$20/Inkind food-$25
1062. Clothing Voucher-$30
Bags of Care:
All Souls School-16 @$25= $400
Pinecrest School-20@$20=$400
Meat for freezer- $105.33
Total Cash and Inkind-$4029.24

Savings Account balance- $25, 320.81
Checking Account balance- $12, 729.92
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Scholarship Committee: Kathy Skoff reported they have received 32 applications, with 15 selected for interviews in the upcoming week.
Young Vincentians: Corrine reported the last YV meeting will be April 27 at 6pm and will be commissioning long term members. Everyone is invited.
Wash Day-We have added 4 new dates for 2014. Steve and Mary will be in charge of these events. Upcoming dates: May28, June 18, July 16, Aug 20, and Sep 17.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace thank everyone for attending the Quarterly Meeting and for the Prison Ministry bags. He recently had a meeting with Bishop Noonan. And watch for the upcoming microloan program, partnering with Annuciation and Fairwinds Credit Union. July 19 is the next quarterly meeting at St. Andrews. Trace is off to St. Louis next week.
Pantry- Barbara reported they are rotating foods by date. Everything is going well and looking forward to the next Knights of Columbus food drive on May 3 / 4.
Bags of Care—N/A
Voice of the Poor- N/A


We finalized plans for our Parish Appreciation Donuts and Coffee event after every Mass for April 26/27. Sign up with Mary to help.
Judy handed out sponsorship sign up sheets for the next Walk for the Poor. . Morningstar will be loaning us a truck for that date.
Knights of Columbus next food drive for our pantry is May 3 / 4. Bags are being handed out this weekend.
New Business:

Doreen has ordered flowers for the Mother’s Day flower sale. We will be putting them together May 09 at 6:30 pm at the White House. Come out and help if you can.

Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- May 05, 2014- Member meeting- May 19 –Case Managers Meeting May 12.


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