Minutes of the January 20 SVDP Membership Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church

January 20, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Ann Shea, Nancy Barbanera, , Kathy Skoff, Judy Collum, , Barbara Maiz, Susan Loso, Mary Walker, Dave Daly, Jeanette Guzman, Anne Merrill, Kevin McGuire Corrine DelPalazzo Denise Lipscomb Suzanne Kelly Avonne Segbers Pat Karakoosh Anita Ambrogio Steve Martin Eleanor O’Brien Trace Trylko Pat Hall Steve Robinson Cindy Robison Willard Olsen Susan Giacoletto Mercedes Henry

Minutes from January 06 2014 approved as posted.

Corrine opened with a spiritual story about St. Cecilia.

We welcomed Rob Henry, our new President of Diocesan Council.
Upcoming dates to remember:
February 22- Ozaman Orientation at St. James, Orlando.
March 15-Spiritual Retreat at Holy Family, Orlando
March 22- Ozaman Orientations at St. Mary of the Lakes, Eustis.
April 05- Quarterly meeting at All Souls.
Susan G reported on the recent Diocesan Quarterly Meeting.
Judy requested help stuffing Church bulletins during the week of February 18 for our next Souper Supper, which is coming up on March 01, 2014.
Cindy reported on the giving program at Pinecrest.


Case Report:

120. Inkind food-$55
317. Inkind food-$25/Bus Pass-$$12.15
603. Inkind food-$45
623. Inkind food-$100
884. Inkind food-$40
901. Inkind food=$60
933. Bus Pass- $12.15/Inkind food-$12
968. Personal Care Items-$45/Clothing Voucher-$30/Gas Voucher-$20
986, Bus Pass-$14.40
1007. Personal Care Items-$20/Utility-$116.90
1008. Lodging-$190/Inkind food-$105
1009. Gas Voucher-$25/Inkind food-$40
1010. Bus Pass-$8.10/Clothing Voucher-$25
1011. Inkind food-$55/Utility-$46
1012. Gas Voucher-$20/Inkind Food-$100/Clothing Voucher-$50/Lodging-$350
1013. Rent-$200
1014. Utility-$257.19/Inkind food-$75
1015. Bus Pass-$4.05/Inkind food-$25/Clothing Voucher-$25
1016. Rent-$300/Inkind food-$100
1017. Utility-$115.41
1018. Furniture Voucher-$530
1019. Utility-$60.54


Savings account balance-$15,305.07
Checking balance-$17,889.84
Case Workers have $1000 per week

Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Scholarship Committee: Anne reported the plans are under way for our 3rd Annual Scholarship Awards. Cathy Skoff is the chairperson this year, along with Anne Merrill, Cindy Robinson and Kevin McGuire. There will be 3 scholarships being awarded this year.
Young Vincentians: Susan reported their next meeting is January 19, 2014. They are planning a possible Pre SuperBowl Party at the Rescue Outreach, featuring their abundance of mini footballs. They will be judging and crowing the King and Queen of our next Souper Supper. They will be doing service hours at Harvest Time Intl. Lastly, they will be working the Ice Cream Social during the Mission in February. Doreen made a motion to supply the ice cream for the Mission and Susan G seconded the motion.
Wash Day- Next event January 22, 2014. Steve and Ellie will work it.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace reported all of the upcoming events previously mentioned under the President’s Report. He said that Men’s WearHouse donated thousands of dollars of dress clothes to the Apopka Thrift Store. There will be a one year anniversary event at the Longwood Thrift Store on January 30, from 6p-8pm.
Pantry- Barbara reported that the Knights of Columbus recent food drive netted 1700 pieces of food for the pantry, a value of approximately $5000. They will be talking to St. Andrew’s Church about twinning with them. Mercedes reported the Mary Kay has donated $189 towards the Bags of Care Program.
Voice of the Poor- Suzanne reported that Catholic Days at the Capitol will be held March 25-March 27, 2014. Let her know if you wish to attend. Sign up for CapWiz email for any recent legislation regarding the poor.


Doreen gave final report on this year’s Angel Tree event. Gift cards donated total $1105.00. Boy gifts total-$1028.00. Girl gifts-$1232.00. Spanish Prayer Group donated $188.00 and other donations -$696.00. Total intake =$4249.00 plus a $2000 donation for 6 families at All Souls. Doreen also said there were $200 in toys donated to Grace and Grits and $40 in toys donated to Landmark Preschool. There were also $100 worth of gift cards for turkeys for Christmas. We helped 57 families with a total of 119 children receiving 3 gifts each. AWESOME JOB Doreen!!! Thanks to all who helped with this event.
Kevin reported on the recent Grace and Grits event with 150 people being fed. Thank you to all who came out and helped.
New Business:

The Thrift Store truck is coming to All Souls on January 25/26. Please sign up to help.
Closing Prayer.

Next meeting-Member meeting –03 February, 2014-Board/Case Managers -10 February, 2014.


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