Minutes of the February 17 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church

February 17, 2014 Member Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Nancy Barbanera, , Kathy Skoff, Judy Collum, , Barbara Maiz, Mary Walker, Dave Daly, Anne Merrill, Kevin McGuire Corrine DelPalazzo Denise Lipscomb Suzanne Kelly Pat Karakoosh Anita Ambrogio Eleanor O’Brien Steve Robinson Cindy Robinson Willard Olsen Mercedes Henry Dennis Roman Al Vargas

Corrine opened with a spiritual reading about St Jerome.

Minutes from January 20 2014 approved as posted with the correction of the donation for Bags of Care is from Mercedes Henry, not Mary Kay.and the donation from the Spanish Prayer Group was $715. .


Upcoming dates to remember:
March 01- Ozanam Orientation at St. James, Orlando.
March 15-Spiritual Retreat at Holy Family, Orlando
March 22- Ozanam Orientations at St. Mary of the Lakes, Eustis.
April 05- Quarterly meeting at All Souls.
Judy announced that Susan Loso has resigned from the Board and as a Young Vincentian Leader. Judy went to their last meeting on Feb 16 and asked for leaders. Would like a decision by April. She suggested they only meet once a month and scale their activities back.
Judy discussed a request for help from the Fish Fry committee. Judy recruited help from our members for both shifts. Judy also discussed a request from Al Vargas to help with a Latino Festival on September 20. Because it is one week prior to our Walk for the Poor, we declined that request.
Our Walk for the Poor will be on September 27, due to it being the only available date.

Case Report:

180. Inkind food- $35
317. Inkind food-$20
404. Inkind food-$40/Rent -$125
451. Inkind food-$60
466. Inkind food-$65
589. Inkind food-$75
628. Rent-$363
778. Inkind food= $35
803. Rent- $350
908. Inkind food-$75
926. Inkind food-$60
933. Inkind food-$30
985. Inkind food-$35
1019. Inkind food-$50
1020. Gas Voucher- $20
1021. Inkind food-$75
1022. Utility-$75.53/Inkind food-$45
1023. Inkind food-$45/Rent- $300
937. Inkind food-$70/Gas Voucher- $20
1024. Personal Care items-$8/Bus Pass-$14.40
661. Inkind food-$125
1014. Inkind food-$85

1000. Inkind food-$60/Utility- $104.02
1013. Rent- $200/Education Expense-$150
1025. Inkind food-$30/Rent- $480/Medications- $175.86/Phone card- $15/Clothing voucher- $75
1026. Rent -$450/Inkind food-$100
634. Rent-$350/Inkind food-$100
317. Inkind food-$30
952. Inkind food-$50
483. Inkind food-$70
925. Inkind food-$25
592. Inkind food-$30
956. Clothing Voucher-$75
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest – (60)-$1200
All Souls –(46)- $1150
Bags for Homeless-(20)-$700
Frozen Meat for Pantry- $98.14

N/A due to the absence of Ann.

Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Scholarship Committee: Anne reported the plans are under way for our 3rd Annual Scholarship Awards. Kathy Skoff is the chairperson this year, along with Anne Merrill, Cindy Robinson and Kevin McGuire. There will be 3 scholarships being awarded this year. Kathy has sent out packets /applications to all of the schools. The deadline is April 11, 2013. It is also on All Souls website. Inserts are also going into the bulletin.
Young Vincentians: Same as reported under President’s report above.
Wash Day- Next event March 26, 2015.The last event helped 35 people.
SVDP Executive Director Report- The 1st Anniversary event at the Longwood Thrift Store was a nice event.
Pantry- Barbara reported that they have designated food bins for our next Grace and Grits event. They have copies of the Souper Supper Cookbook for the amazing low price of $5, with the latest recipes. Barbara and Judy met with the Pinecrest Pantry coordinator. They receive food for 125 orders weekly for their students. We provide 10 generous bags. Barbara wrote to Publix corporate and they sent her a $50 gift certificate to purchase more bags. She was able to buy 56 new bags.
Voice of the Poor- Suzanne reported that Catholic Days at the Capitol will be held March 25-March 27, 2014. Let her know if you wish to attend. Sign up for CapWiz email for any recent legislation regarding the poor.


March 01, 2014 is our next Souper Supper with a Mardi Gras theme. Set up begins at 1pm and bring soups in, ready to work, at between 5pm-5:30p. Dinner begins at 6pm
New Business:

Spiritual retreat at Holy Family on March 15.
SVDP Social March 22 after 5pm Mass for deceased Vincentians. Mickey Finns at 6:30pm,

All Souls School Ice Cream Social is May 22 at 1pm as a thank you to the school. Come out and help if you can.
Closing Prayer.

Next meeting-
Board March 3, Case Managers March 10, Members March 17.

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