Minutes of the December 16, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
December 16, 2013 Member Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Ann Shea, Nancy Barbanera, , Kathy Skoff, Judy Collum, , Barbara Maiz, Susan Loso, Mary Walker, Denise Lipscomb, Eleanor O’Brien, Steve Martin, Willard Olsen,

Minutes from December 02 ,2013 approved as posted.
Judy thanked all who helped with the Church Yard Sale and at the Christmas Party. We will be receiving funds from the yard sale (approx . $1200) and from the Spanish Prayer Group’s Novena (approx. $750).
Upcoming Events:
1. Feb 22-Ozanam Orientation-St. James, Orlando.
2. Mar 08- Ozanam Orientation-St. Brendan, Ormond Beach.
3. Mar 15- Spiritual Retreat at Holy Family.
4. Apr 05-Quarterly meeting at All Souls.

We received a thank you note from Sue Mohr and Father Voor thanking SVDP for our participation at the Harvest Festival.
Case Report:
994. Rent- $200
995. Inkind food-$50/Lodging -$180
996. Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$20
778. Inkind food-$50/Lodging-$196
952. Inkind food-$50
986. Bus Passes-$8.20/Bicycle-$125
577. Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$20
947. Inkind food-$100/Gas Voucher-$20
840. Inkind food-$50
43. Storage-$85.60
1001. Utility-$54
997. Lodging- $180
998. Water-$84.98
999. Utility-$239.13
908. Inkind food-$75/Clothing voucher- $75/Bus passes-$8.10/Lodging-$405
633. Inkind food-$50
989. Lodging- $120/Bus passes-$4.05
695. Utility-$61.03
1000. Inkind food-$50
Frozen Meat-$100.26
Tents for Homeless-$80
Pinecrest –(20)-$300
All Souls School-(12)-$300
Savings account balance-$15,289.65
Checking balance-$14,309.50
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Young Vincentians-Susan reported they will be holding their Christmas Party on December, 15.
Wash Day- Next event January 22, 2014. Steve will work it. Need one more volunteer.
SVDP Executive Director Report- N/A
Pantry- Barbara reported the pantry is doing well. Bags of Care has added one additional bag for All Souls School. They also have 7 turkeys to give out.
Angel Tree is went up November 30,2013. Asking that gifts be back by December 15. We have received lots of toys. Will be wrapping for Recovery House on Dec 17, 10a-3p. We will also be wrapping on Tues, Wed and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm as needed. Will be giving out gifts on Saturday morning, December 21 at the White House.
New Business:
January 08 is our next Grace and Grits event.
January 18/19 is the next Knights of Columbus food drive for our panty.
January 09, the Young Vincentians are working Sanford’s Alive After 5, serving up hot cocoa and cookies.
The Thrift Store truck is coming to All Souls on January 25/26. Please sign up to help.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Board meeting –06 January2014

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