Minutes of the November 4, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls  Church

November 04, 2013  Board Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Hall


Opening Prayer

In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm,  Doreen Owens,    Susan Loso, Judy Collum,  Mary Walker,   Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire,   Kathy Skoff,  Ann Shea, Pat Karakoosh, Barbara Maiz,  Mercedes Henry

Minutes from October 21 2013 approved as posted.


Judy presented an outline of duties and responsibilities of members to be further discussed at the member meeting.  
Judy also presented a budget of 2013-2014.
We amended the date for the Walk for the Poor to October 04, 2014, the Souper Supper to September 20, 2014 and the SVDP Appreciation Coffee and Donut Event to April 27, 2014. Doreen made a motion to accept the budget as amended. Motion was seconded by Ann and Barbara.
The Church will also need volunteers for the December 7, 2014 Yard Sale.


We received a thank you letter from Safe House for donated baby items.

Case Report:

116. Inkind food-$5
585. Inkind food-$50
685. Inkind food-$20
746. Inkind food-$75
867. Inkind food-$70
884. Inkind food-$100
908. Inkind food-$100/Clothing Voucher-$100/Toys-$40
956. Inkind food-$25/Clothing Voucher-$65
967. Inkind food-$45
968. Inkind food-$150
973. Mortgage-$688
974. Inkind food-$75
975. Inkind food-$70/Clothing Voucher-$150/Bus Passes-$8.10/Lodging-$143
976. inkind food-$100/Clothing voucher-$100/Gas Voucher-$20
977. Utility-$234.11
978. Inkind food-$75
979. Inkind food-$30
980. Inkind food-$75
Frozen Meat-$82.06
976. Furniture-$200
746. Utility-$149.75
585. Utility-$180.25
979. clothing Voucher- $27.96
981. Diapers-$20/Lodging-$115
312. Furniture Voucher-$20
Pinecrest –(20)-$400
All Souls School-(14)-$350


Savings account balance-$15,289.65
Checking balance-$11,174.37


Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
Susan/Mary reported that 20 Young Vincentians helped out with their Fall Festival at the Rescue Outreach with 12 kids in attendance for the party. The Young Vincentians will be holding a bake sale at the Church Yard Sale on December 7, 2014 and a retreat on December 08, 2014.
Wash Day- Next event January 22, 2014.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Next Diocesan Meeting is January 18, 2014 at St. John Vianney Church.
Pantry-  Barbara and Pat reported  that they have requested gift cards from the Knights in their quest to help SVDP more. The next food drive will be January 18/19, 2014. Pantry is in need of sweet potatoes.


Judy thanked all for volunteering their time working the Fall Festival. We had 16 volunteers working a total of 128 hours for the event.


Our SVDP Christmas Party will be held on December 14, 2013 at the Sanford Womens Club. Bring a dish to share and a $10 items for gift exchange.
Be ready to volunteer for the Church Yard Sale on December 7, 2014
Angel Tree goes up on December 01, 2013. Be ready!

Closing Prayer.

Next meeting- Member   meeting – 18 November,  2013

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