Minutes of the August 5, 2013 SVDP Board Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board August 05, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Collum Ann Shea Judy Wilhelm Nancy Barbanera Kevin McGuire Anne Merrill Mary Walker Kathy Skoff Susan Loso
Guests from Our Lady of the Lakes: Gladys Portieles and Aileen Lane
SPIRITUAL READING: Simplicity from Serving in Hope- Module II
The minutes from our last meeting July 15, 2013 approved as posted.
Judy updated us on the process for the required fingerprinting. Can access from the All Souls website. Bring in your receipt after completion for a $25 reimbursement.
Meeting for calendar planning for next year has been postponed. Judy passed out a activity sheet to determine activities for next year.
Judy is requesting more board members.
There is a request for member representation at the 2014 National Conference in Atlanta.
Judy created an SVDP brochure for our consideration and requested our input of how many to order.

926. Rent- $220
927. Gas Voucher-$25/Clothing-$100
646. Utility-$185.68/Inkind food-$60
924. Clothing- $25/Inkind food-$30
778. Inkind food-$60/Bus Passes-(5)-$20.75
180. Inkind food-$50
589. Inkind food-$60
138. Rent -$400
921. Utility-$37.84
922. Utility-$$247.56/Inkind food-$60
923. Lodging-$120/Inkind food-$30
924. Lodging -$486/Gas Voucher-$25
925. Inkind food-$30
589. Inkind food-$80
566. Personal care items-$25
840. Bus Passes –(7)-$29.05
916. Rent-$300
917. Utility-$140.11
918. Water- $153.16
939. Utility-$94.97
350. Water-$54.22
912. Inkind food-$100
317. Personal care items-$15
661. Personal care items-$15
840. Inkind food-$35
867. Personal care items-$25
897. Inkind food-$75
843. Inkind food-$50
465. Inkind food-$100
890. Inkind food-$40
920. Inkind food-$50
Bags Of Care:
All Souls- 7 bags- $175.00

A thank you note was received from Melissa Roberts family.
Savings account balance-$27,261.23
Checking account balance-$6252.70
Volunteer hours/miles are now due for previous months.
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported that August 18 will be the first meeting of the new school year. They will be distributing items from the Life Drive on August 7, followed by a treat at Dairy Queen.
Executive Director-Judy reported the Diocesan quarterly meeting on July 20, 2013 was well attended and disaster preparedness was one of the topics covered.
Wash Day: next event: August 14, 2013. Mary, Jeanette and Steve will work.
Judy needs to know all of our Walk sponsors so she can get the names put on the Walk t-shirts. Deadline: August 21, 2013. If you are getting items for the goody bags, we need 200 units. We will stuff bags at our September 16 meeting.
Grace and Grits on July 17, 2013 was a great success. Thanks to Kevin and all who worked the event. J
The next Knights of Columbus food drive is the weekend of August 14/15.
The thrift store truck is coming the weekend of August 24/25th. Let Judy know which time slot you can help out.

Closing Prayer.
Next Meeting: Membership meeting on August 19, 2013.
Case management meeting: August 12th, 2013.


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