Minutes of the July 15, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Member Meeting July 15, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Kathy Skoff, Denise Lipscomb, Steve Martin, Eleanor O’Brien, Jeanette Guzman, Mary Walker, Pat Karakoosh, Barbara Maiz, Anita Ambrogio, Judy Collum, Susan Loso, Tracy Trylko, Anne Merrill, Susan Giacoletto, Dave Daly, Kevin McGuire, Dennis Roman, Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Ann Shea, Nancy Barbanera

The minutes from our last meeting, July 01, 2013 are approved as posted.
Judy distributed the letter from All Souls requesting everyone working/volunteering around children be fingerprinted. After getting fingerprinted, turn in your receipt for partial reimbursement.
Judy requested more case managers. Susan G, Kevin, Judy C all volunteered. And Mercedes will be working cases when she comes back from her trip.
Pantry is sparkly clean now. Judy thanked all of those who helped this past Saturday.
Judy talked about a Diaster Preparedness committee and about putting an insert in the Church bulletin. We all agreed it was a good idea.
168. Utilities-$104.04
180. Inkind food-$35
350. Water paid -$71.51
483. Inkind food-$50
555. Inkind food-$10
559. Toiletries-$15
570. Inkind food-$80/ Rent-$300
592. Inkind food-$20
608. Inkind food-$50
617. Inkind food-125
666. Inkind food-$30/Shoes/T’s-$25
690. Bus Passes-$8.10/Purchased food-$60.54/Lodging-$294.91/Inkind food-$100/Medical -$18/ Inkind food-$48.10
712. Inkind food-$60
727. Utilities-$125.87
755. Meds-$37.32
759. Rent-$300/Inkind food-$50
760. Rent- $238/Inkind food-$50
761. Rent-$400
901. Inkind food-$75
914. Utilities-$139.43
915. Rent-$286
Bags of Care:
All Souls School-$125
Faith Formation-$50
Frozen Food-$54.88

We received a thank you note from Sheila Rhea us for our donation of socks, t-shirts,etc for the prison ministry. No further donations are needed.
Current checking account balance -$3731.97
Current Savings account balance-$25,225.68

Volunteer hours/miles are now due for June.
SACSON- There will be a fundraiser for SACSON on July 26 at the ball park at 7pm.Half of the ticket cost will go towards the next SACSON event.
Pantry- Pat reported the Pantry is super clean and pretty well stocked. She thanked everyone for helping clean this past Saturday. Barbara reported only 3 Bags of Care are currently being donated to All Souls. The Pinecrest bags will resume when school starts.
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported several members helped her work the Alive After 5 this past week. John and members are putting together a new power point to be taken to Madison, WI this summer and also to be viewed at Faith Formation kick off this fall.
Scholarship Committee: Anne received a nice thank you note from one of our scholarship winners, Valencia.
Wash Day: Next event is August 14. Mary, Jeanette and Steve will work it.
SVDP Executive Report- Trace reported the next SVDP quarterly meeting is July 20 at St James Church in Orlando. There are 7 members attending so far, meeting at Publix on SR 46A at 8:15 am to car pool.
Voice of the Poor: n/a
Everyone needs to contact their sponsors for our next Walk for the Poor and hand out the sponsorship packets.
Doreen reported on possible white shirts for our members.
Our next Grace and Grits is July 17. The menu is set. Come out and help if you can.

Judy needs volunteers to cut up and freeze donated bread on specific Monday nights. Let her know if you can help.
SVDP Thrift Store Truck will be coming Aug 24/ Aug 25 Masses. Be ready to volunteer before or after all of the Masses.
Closing Prayer.
Next Meeting: Board Meeting August 5, 2013. Case Management meeting August 12, 2013.
Please keep Nick Vollman and Dominick Casella in your prayers.


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