Question of the Day for Monday, July 22, 2013

Role of Godparents?

Q. The question that I have is, What role does a godmother have? What is expected of her? I am 64 and have never been a godmother. What I remember is making sure that the child is being raised properly in the Catholic Church. The parents are wonderful and attend Mass every Sunday. They are very loving and caring so I do not see this child’s faith as a problem. I am so excited and honored to be asked. I am also wondering what is proper as far as gifts. Do I remember him or her at birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, or just on the day that they were baptized.

— Barb Kriske

A. Here’s a reply from Father Reginald Martin:

The role of godparents is often reduced to mere decoration. This is quite sad, as it ignores the godparent’s true function in the life of the Church and denies the baptized person the benefit of a companion and guide in the pilgrimage of faith.

Read the rest of the answer at Our Sunday Visitor:


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