July 19, Friday Weekday

I will take the cup of salvation, and call on the name of the Lord. — Psalm 116:13

Mass Readings: Exodus 11:10–12:14/Matthew 12:1-8

Mercy Not Sacrifice

In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” For someone like me, who was raised to believe that God loves our sacrifices more than anything, those words are a bit shocking. Sure, I’m supposed to extend mercy to other people, but aren’t I supposed to always be suffering so that I have something to offer up? Isn’t that what the Christian message is all about — a sacrifice of suffering?

That’s when it struck me that I ought to take Jesus at His word; that He really does desire mercy more than sacrifice. And maybe it’s not just others who need my mercy. Perhaps I’m in need of my own mercy; maybe I need to extend forgiveness to myself for having believed that a loving God would rejoice in my pain.

Prayer: God, today let me feel Your love in a real and tangible way.

Courtesy of Our Sunday Visitor: http://www.osv.com/tabid/7627/itemid/10922/July-19-Friday-Weekday.aspx


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