Minutes of the July 1, 2013 SVDP Board of Directors Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board Meeting July 01, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm Doreen Owens Judy Collum Nancy Barbanera Kevin McGuire Jeanette Guzman Barbara Maiz Mary Walker Trace Trylko Ann Shea
Opening Prayer
Minutes from June 17 Membership meeting approved as posted.
Doreen made a motion to approve the bylaws for All Souls conference. Jeanette seconded the motion. It was a unanimous approval.
Judy requested help for putting together the calendar for next year. Doreen and Barbara volunteered to help.
A new computer was purchased for the White House case management. A special thank you to Tom Vollman, who came to transfer memory from the old computer to the new computer and donated an external hard drive.:)
Barbara made a motion to purchase new software for the computer and Doreen seconded the motion.
254. Phone-$49.84/Gas voucher-$25/Inkind food-$75/Gas Voucher-$25
317. Inkind food-$75/Inkind food-$75
444.Utility paid-$176.67
699. Rent-$360-pending/Inkind food-$75
717. Inkind food-$35
864. Inkind food-$75
867. Inkind food-$60/Furniture-(crib)-$50
870. Education-(GED)-$70
896. Lodging-$115
905. Lodging-$250.50/Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$25
906. Rent-$300/Gas Voucher-$25/Inkind food-$75
907. Rent-$300/Inkind food-$150
908. Lodging-$118/Inkind food-$75
909. Rent-$545
857. Rent- $629
Mission Trip/Teens-$300
Bags of Care:
All Souls School— 3 bags-$75
Savings account balance-$25,225.68
Checking account balance-$6013.14
We received 3 thank you letters, 2 from former clients and one from our scholarship winner, Valencia.
1. Please turn in your volunteer hours/miles to Judy for the past months.
2. SACSON-No update at this time.
3. Scholarship committee-N/A
4. Young Vincentians-N/A
5. SVDP Executive Report-Trace reported a good turn out for the prison ministry conference. Our district is collecting men’s boxers, sizes medium through extra,extra large for that ministry. The next SVDP quarterly meeting will be held at St James on July 20, 2013. Let Judy know if you want to attend.
6. Wash Day-July 10- Mary and Steve will work it.
7. Food Pantry- Barbara reported the pantry is very well stocked thanks to our parishioners and the Knights of Columbus.
8. Voice of the Poor- N/A
Please be sure to hand out your sponsorship packets to any prospective sponsors for our upcoming Walk for the Poor in September.
Doreen discussed our options for the SVDP white shirts that we would like to order.
Our next Grace and Grits is July 17, 2013. Come out and help if you can.
Closing Prayer. Next case management meeting July 8 and the next membership meeting will be July 15, 2013.


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