Mass Reading & Meditation for July 6, 2013

Catholic Meditations
Meditation: Genesis 27:1-5, 15-29

Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr

“Isaac said, ‘Are you really my son Esau?’ And Jacob said, ‘I am.’” (Genesis 27:24)

Have you ever tried to wrestle the steering wheel of your life from God’s hands? This is what Rebekah and Jacob tried to do. Old Isaac was about to give his blessing to Esau, the oldest of his twin sons. Not only would this blessing make Esau responsible for keeping the covenant; it would also put him in charge of Rebekah and the whole tribe upon Isaac’s death, and would give him the largest part of the inheritance.

But Rebekah knew that Esau didn’t deserve it. Esau had been selfish and foolish, marrying foreign women. In a sense, he has already forfeited his right to the blessing. He disdained his role so much that he traded it for nothing a mere bowl of stew!

Jacob, the younger twin, was Rebekah’s favorite son. She sensed that he would make a better leader and heir than Esau. What’s more, God had promised Rebekah that Jacob would rule over Esau (Genesis 25:23). But Rebekah was running out of time. She couldn’t just wait for God’s plan to happen; she had to make it happen!

Rebecca and Jacob forgot that God is always in control, and their lack of faith in deceiving Isaac did a lot of damage. Rebekah had to send Jacob away and died without ever seeing him again. Jacob had to run for his life. He spent many years at hard labor with little to show for it, and continued to resort to deception to try to get what he wanted. But worst of all, Jacob worried that neither God nor Esau would forgive him.

But they did. Years later, God comforted Jacob through a dream filled with angels. And even though Jacob didn’t have an easy life, he did live to be reconciled with Esau and carry on the covenant.

Sometimes, we too try to take the steering wheel from God. We know that God has a plan but we want it to happen according to our timing. Stop and think before you give up on God’s plan. Trust in him. And if you do make mistakes, know that he is always ready to forgive and comfort you.

“Lord, help me feel peace knowing that you are in control of my life. Help me remember that even when I fall short, I can always come back to you.”

Psalm 135:1-6; Matthew 9:14-17


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