July 6, Saturday Weekday

Praise the Lord for the Lord is good! — Psalm 135:3

Mass Readings: Genesis 27:1-5,15-29/Matthew 9:14-17

Deceived by Appearances

Today’s first reading has always puzzled me. Even if he were blind, how could Isaac have mistaken Jacob for Esau just because Jacob wore Esau’s clothes and covered his hands and neck with goatskins? Surely he should have seen caught on to such an obvious ruse.

Then I think about my own life and how many times I’ve been deceived by appearances and how many times I’ve chosen something because it looked better than it actually was. How often that choice has turned out to be nearly as disappointing as Isaac’s ultimate realization that he gave his blessing to the wrong son! While I don’t want to become a cynic who is suspicious of everything and everyone, there’s nothing wrong with being prudent either. After all, I don’t want to lose out to a goatskin.

Prayer: My God, give me the wisdom to see beyond appearances.

Courtesy of Our Sunday Visitor: http://www.osv.com/tabid/7627/itemid/10894/July-6-Saturday-Weekday.aspx


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