Mass Reading & Meditation for July 2, 2013

Catholic Meditations
Meditation: Matthew 8:23-27

13th Week in Ordinary Time

“Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” (Matthew 8:26)

Actually, the disciples had quite a lot of faith. They believed that the wind was going to flip their boat. They were convinced that the waves would overpower them, and they had deep faith that their time was over.

Oh wait, that’s not faith; it’s fear! The disciples were so scared that they couldn’t see that this particular boat was probably the safest place on earth—because Jesus was with them. It’s easy to see that in retrospect, but what about us? How often do you feel buffeted by waves of fear and anxiety? Yes, the storm might be real, but you don’t have to put your faith in its power. You can still believe that Jesus is right there with you, even if it appears that he’s fast asleep.

So what rocks your boat? Are you worried about your children? Are your finances overwhelming? Is it a serious illness or disability? Ask the Lord to speak to you through the storm.

“Lord, where are you? I am afraid and alone.”

“I am here. Even if you can’t see me or hear me, I am right beside you.”

“I’m anxious, Lord. I can’t sleep. I’m worried all the time.”

“Just try to fix your heart on me. Let me show you how to find peace in a storm, just as I did.”

“But the storm is still here. It hasn’t gone away.”

“That’s okay. I am bigger than any storm. Let me calm your heart. Let me show you my steadfast love. You can find peace in my presence.”

“Lord, my faith is not very big.”

“Don’t worry. All I need is a mustard seed. Just come to me with whatever faith you do have, and I will see you through.”

Talk honestly with the Lord today. Tell him what you are dealing with. Ask him to give you his peace and to help calm your anxiety. Even if the circumstances don’t change, you’ll see them gradually lose their power to disturb you. Just try your best to believe that you and Jesus are in the same boat.

“Lord, grant me your peace.”

Genesis 19:15-29; Psalm 26:2-3, 9-12


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