Minutes of the June 17, 2013 SVDP Meeting

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
All Souls Conference
Minutes of Membership Meeting on June 17, 2013
The meeting was opened at 7: pm at the Knights of Columbus Building with prayer. Members then shared their experience with Confirmation as Vincentian, Kathy Skoff, will be receiving her First Communion and Confirmation this Wednesday, June 19th at All Souls Church.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with one correction, Kathy’s first name begins with a K and not a C.
President’s Report: The board recently approved a $25 refund on each member who provides a receipt when getting their fingerprinting. All members are encouraged to go on line at All Souls to sign up, set an appointment in Maitland and accomplish this task before the end of the y ear. The Appreciation Dinner was a huge success and the Pantry Committee consisting of Pat Karakoosh, Anita Ambrogio, Barbara Maiz, and Ellie O’Brien was thanked for their work and dedication to this project. Mary Walker thanked St. Vincent de Paul for their love, prayers and support during her recent surgery. Judy reported that we now have a new computer and Tom Vollman has assisted in getting it up and running and all files transferred. Thank you, Tom! Judy reported on the most recent parish council meeting. The White House has had a good interior cleaning thanks to student volunteers.
Case Report Summary:
Case #340 Utility $230.36
Case #466 Utility $91.39
Case #515 Gas Voucher $25.00
Case # 617 In Kind Food $80.00
Case #679 Rent $350.40
Case #690 In Kind Food $40.00
Case # 695 In Kind Food $50.00
Case 695 Rent $300.00
Case # 838 In Kind Food $40.00
Case #883 In Kind Food $50.00
Case #896 Rent $261.00
Case #896 In Kind Food $60.00
Case #897 In Kind Food $100.00
Case #898 Utility $150.33
Case #899 Rent $320.00
Case #900 In Kind Food $40.00
Case #515 Rent $150.00
Case #515 Gas Voucher $20.00
Case #901 In Kind Food $100.00
Case #902 Rent $590.85
Case #488 Utility $100.55
Case #903 Rent $595.00
Case #317 In Kind Food $75.00
Case #889 In Kind Food $25.00
Case #835 Gas Voucher $25.00
Case #349 In Kind Food $100.00
Case #349 Store Voucher $400.00
Case #685 In Kind Food $75.00
Case #904` In Kind Food $150.00
Meat /Freezer $139.96
Faith Formation Food(2) $50.00
ASCS Food (10) $250
Total cash: $3349.84; Total In Kind Food: $1285.00; Total Other InKind: $400
Total Cash and In-kind: $5,034.84
Treasurer’s Report: No report in absence of Treasurer because of death of her sister.
Committee Reports:
Membership reporting forms are due for each month for service and travel.
Communication – no report
Scholarship: no report
Young Vincentians: Susan Loso reported that a social event was held at Fr. Voor’s home this past Saturday with a camp fire, music and food with 35 in attendance. The YV’s will be serving at Alive After 5 on July 11th. Doreen will provide the cookies for the event.
Trace left notice that the next Quarterly SVDP meeting will be held on July 20th at St. James in Orlando. All are welcome to attend
Wash Day will be held on July 10th and Mary Walker and Steve Martin will host.
Food Pantry and Bags of Care: Barbara Maiz reported a successful Knights of Columbus Food Drive for SVdP with over 2,000 at a value of $5,000. A group of nine volunteers processed 150 bags of food. Our pantry is not replenished for the Summer months.
Old Business: Walk for the Poor sponsors must be contacted as soon as possible as t-shirt orders must go in by the end of August. We have received $500 from Wayne Densch thanks to Barbara Maiz. Doreen will have white t-shirt samples available at the next two meetings and members can order them. They will be priced around $12.00.
New Business: Kevin McGuire will contact Pauly about assisting with Grace ‘n Grits on July 17th. All are invited to the Rosary at Mercedes home on Thursday, June 20th at 6:30 p.m.
The next Board meeting is July 1st; Case Management Meeting July 8th and Membership Meeting July 15th.
Respectfully submitted
Judy Wilhelm for the Secretary


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