Minutes of the June 3, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board MeetingJune 3,2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm Doreen Owens Judy Collum Mercedes Henry Nancy Barbanera Kevin McGuire Anne Merrill Dave Daly Jeanette Guzman and her daughter Annette Barbara Maiz Susan Loso Pat Karakoosh Suzanne Kelly
Reading from Serving in Hope Module II Page 13
Judy discussed early fingerprinting. Sign up on All Souls website and go to the Altamonte location. It will be good for 5 yrs. $57.25
Suzanne made a motion to use funds from our Souper Supper and the $500 from Chase to offset our expense of fingerprinting all of our members. Jeanette seconded the motion.
Judy thanked the Scholarship Committee for an awesome job.
Judy also thank Kevin for heading up the last Grace and Grits.

180. Inkind food-$60
592. Inkind food-$60/Rent $200
610. Inkind food-$70
853. Rent- $125
857. Rent -$629
890. Inkind food-$60
892. Rent-$250/Inkind food-$50/Gas Voucher-$25
893. Rent-$137/Inkind food-$50/Rent-$125/Inkind food-$60
894. Gas Voucher-$25/Inkind food-$50/Rent-$400
895. Inkind food-25/Bus Passes-$20
Meat purchase for Pantry-$85.76

Bags of Care:
All Souls School—$250
Faith Formation-$100

$61 from the Young Vincentians Skating Party.
We had a donation from Walmart for socks, t-shirts,etc.
1. Please turn in your volunteer hours/miles to Judy for the past months.
2. SACSON- moved to the Salvation Army. Not sure of the the future of SACSON.
3. Scholarship committee- Anne distributed Mentor Sheets. Cathy Skoff will head up the committee next year.
4. Young Vincentians- Susan reported on the recent skating party. YV will help with the Appreciation Dinner. They are working the next Alive After 5 event and a talent show is in the works. Trace discussed an essay contest for the SVDP trip to Madison, WI.
5. SVDP Executive Report-Trace thanked all who attended the recent Spiritual Retreat. The next quarterly meeting is July 20 at St. James in Orlando.They next annual SVDP meeting is in Madison, WI September 10-14. Council will pay conference registration fees.
6. Wash Day-June 12- Jeanette and Kevin
7. Food Pantry- Barbara and Pat reported the next big food donations coming on June 10 and will be needing some extra help.
8. Voice of the Poor- Suzanne talked about the Link to read about any updates, such as the Farm Bill. www. CAPWIZ.com

Judy handed out additional packets for sponsorship of our next Walk for The Poor in September.
Pat and Barbara finalized our upcoming Appreciation Dinner June 11, 2013.

New Business: we will be discussing how to fund fingerprinting charges for our members- perhaps a fund raising dinner with proceeds earmarked for that purpose
Mass for the poor- this Sunday 6/9/13 8a.m. at the Chapel. Judy asked that we all wear SVDP
shirts and/or tags

Members requested that we order some more white polo shirts with SVDP logo- Doreen to
look into purchasing these ( should be around $7 a shirt)

Discussion re great participation from SVDP members at the recent funeral of one of our
members ( Melissa McFall)

Pat Karakoosh told the group about her recent meeting with a member of the local Board of
Education. They discussed different food pantry type services in the area schools.
Some of the schools actually have their students serve a hot dinner to the needy families
of their students, some of the schools have students help to fill the bags of food for families.

Some of our clients have been reporting 2 hr waits in line for food at the Sharing Center
Currently there are approx. 2300 ” homeless ” children in Seminole Cnty.

Meeting adjourned and closed with a prayer


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