June 7, 2013
Vincentian Meditation:

When we pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we try to make ourselves more conscious of the personal love which Jesus Christ has for each of us. Jesus said to us: “This is my commandment-love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus had a very big heart. We know many big-hearted people. Devotion to the Sacred Heart means that we, in turn, must try to be big-hearted persons. When we think of generosity, we think of money, but there are many things other than money with which we can be generous. We can be generous in forgiving. We can be generous in trying to understand others. We can be generous with the time we give to others, and I am sure you can think of many other ways in which we can be generous to others. Jesus was generous with all that He had to give and he had little or no money.

Discussion Question:

How can we become more generous, like the heart of Jesus?

Closing Prayer:

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been solemnly consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from February 5, 1872. At that time, an Act of Consecration was drawn up at the request of the Society and this act of consecration is renewed annually by all units of the Society (USManual, p.211). And so let us pray together:

Act of Consecration
Lord Jesus, Who seeing the cold indifference of the world, and in order to revive charity among all people, has unveiled before them Your Sacred Heart and revealed the infinite riches of Your divine love, behold us prostrate before You, we who form only one Family, by the bond of fraternal charity, scattered, it is true, throughout the world, but united under the standard of St. Vincent de Paul, and forming only one body and one soul in the common spirit of the apostolate of charity;

We dedicate and consecrate to Your divine person and to Your
Sacred Heart this our Council (or Conference), and all the members who compose it, the poor whom we visit in Your name, the youth and children to whom we respond in order to maintain them in Your service; in a word, all those of whom we have the care, and all the works we have undertaken in various places for Your Glory.

Quite unworthy though we are, we beseech You to receive this offering in the odor of sweetness; inflame us with that fire, which from the depths of Your Heart, You desire to see burning more and more each day, in order that, filled with the tenderness of Your Heart, we may learn to despise things here below, to love and help our neighbor, by word and example, and that, among the vicissitudes of this world, we may fix our hearts on the riches and happiness that shall never end. Amen

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