Nick Vollman Update

Hello everyone.

Nick is now 2 months free from the ventilator and it is fast becoming a memoriable victory and signpost along Nick’s road to recovery. His neck control and head motion now shows significant signs of strengthening as he can now move his head left to right, up and down without help from us. The head support on his wheelchair has become a ‘scratching post’ for him as he no longer needs it for support.

His speech is improving and with the aide of his Passy-Muir valve (, his voice is becoming louder as he begins to more actively exercise his vocal chords.

He still has no motion in his limbs although additional sensation has returned to his feet; he can now feel any stimulation of the bottom of his feet.

We pray each day for even the very slightest hint of motion in a finger or hand. God please grant our prayer request.

Planning for Nick’s Bicycle Event in January continues. We have engaged the help of Epic Sports Marketing (Felix Hernandez) to organize the event under the sponsorship of the Amatuer Atheletic Assistance organization.

Please pass along this important information and visit Nick’s site and make a donation at

Our goal is $26,000 which will be used to purchase a FES Bike ( for Nick.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a rehabilitation technique where electrical current is applied to an individual with a disability to enhance that person’s ability to function and live independently.

FES is used to stimulate peripheral nerves, the “lower motor neurons” that connect the spinal cord to your muscles.

Stimulating these nerves evokes patterned movement of the legs or the arms. This is how FES enables your muscles to perform work even though you may have has lost all or some voluntary control of the muscles.

Epic has also now set up a website that you can use to sign up for the ride. The website can be found at:

Please pass along this information to everyone you know. We want this to be a success for Nick and I am certain we can count on your support.

Nick also has a FACEBOOK page that will help keep you updated regarding this event:HELP NICK’S REHAB.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Nick’s progress is by God’s grace and your continued thoughts and prayers.

Please support Nick’s Rehab event.

God bless you and those you love.


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