Mass Reading & Meditation for June 1, 2013

Meditation: Mark 11:27-33

Saint Justin, Martyr

“Who gave you this authority?” (Mark 11:28)

“Where do you think you’re going?” “What do you think you’re doing?” We’ve all been asked questions like this at one time or another. Usually, the person asking isn’t really looking for information. He or she is challenging us instead. And so it was with the religious authorities who asked Jesus, “By what authority are you doing these things?” (Mark 11:28). What they were really asking was “Who do you think you are, performing miracles and preaching with such authority?”

If the leaders really wanted to know about the source of Jesus’ authority, all they had to do was look at their Scriptures: “Here is your God … he comes to save you. Then the eyes of the blind shall see, and the ears of the deaf be opened; then the lame shall leap like a stag, and the mute tongue sing for joy” (Isaiah 35:4-6). In Christ, God had come to visit his people in a new and powerful way!

The good news is not obscure! In Jesus, God’s plan of salvation, his message of hope and redemption, has been announced loud and clear. Jesus didn’t come to us as a puzzle or a riddle to be solved. As early as his baptism, God made it clear who Jesus was: “This is my beloved Son” (Matthew 3:17). And from that moment on, Jesus showed everyone that his authority came from God. He healed the sick. He cast out demons. He spoke words of forgiveness and mercy. In everything he said and did, Jesus showed us the human face of God.

So who do you think Jesus is? Open your eyes today, and see him for all his splendor and majesty. He is the Lord of all creation. He is the great I am who knew you before you were even born. He is the Holy One, who has authority over your life—and especially over those things that beset you and hold you back from chasing after his love and mercy. Put your trust in the Lord. Lean into his power and authority. He isn’t distant. He hasn’t hidden himself. He is there, inside your heart and in your family, waiting for you to find him. Go ahead and ask, seek, and knock. He will answer!

“Lord, give me confidence that yours is the highest and deepest authority!”

Sirach 51:12-20; Psalm 19:8-11


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