Mass Reading & Meditation for May 30, 2013

Meditation: Mark 10:46-52

8th Week in Ordinary Time

“What do you want me to do for you?” … “Master, I want to see.” (Mark 10:51)

Imagine that you’re driving alone through a thick, dense fog and you can’t see past your windshield. You begin to drive slowly, telling yourself, “I want to see! I want to see!” Now imagine driving through that fog for a month, a year, or even ten years. Can you see yourself in Bartimaeus’ shoes now? A blind man, he was reduced to a life of lonely begging, with no one to help him navigate the darkness around him. But when he heard Jesus coming, he put aside his despair and cried out for help.

Sitting on the side of the road, living only on handouts, Bartimaeus clearly longed to be able to see. He longed to be delivered from his life of hopeless begging, a life in which he was ignored and shushed every time he tried to get help. And that’s exactly what happened when he met Jesus—that and so much more! Bartimaeus’ healing led him to conversion. It propelled him to throw off his cloak, that hated symbol of his old life, and follow Jesus “on the way” (Mark 10:52).

What do you need Jesus to do so that you can experience a similar transformation? Maybe you need him to help you put more order into your life so that you are more faithful to prayer—so that you can see Jesus more clearly. Maybe you need him to remove the distractions that are pulling you in so many different directions—so that you can focus on his plan for your life. Or maybe you need him to set you free from anger, unforgiveness, or resentment—so that you can see him in your neighbors. What about a physical or spiritual healing? Whatever it is, cry out to Jesus. Keep on asking, just as Bartimaeus did.

In your prayer, today, imagine Jesus asking, “What do you want me to do for you?” Then pour out your heart to him. Believe and trust that he hears your every word. He is working right now to give you the deepest desires of your heart!

“Jesus, I trust you. Please remove all the things that separate me from you, so that I can love and serve you more.”

Sirach 42:15-25; Psalm 33:2-9


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