Mass Reading & Meditation for May 27, 2013

Meditation: Mark 10:17-27

Saint Augustine of Canterbury

“Jesus, looking at him, loved him.” (Mark 10:21)

One of the central tenets of our faith is that God is omniscient—he sees everything. Nothing is veiled to him, not even our hidden sins. But far from being a cause for apprehension, this truth can move us to rejoice. Because not only is God all knowing, he is also all loving! Instead of ferreting out our faults so that he can punish us, God is also on the lookout for every sign of virtue in us.

Today’s Gospel reading gives us a wonderful illustration of this point. As the rich young man rattles off all of his virtuous habits, Jesus looks at him with great love. He approves and even applauds all that this man has accomplished in his spiritual life. But his penetrating gaze also fastens on the one thing that is holding him back: his attachment to his possessions. Only by giving them away can the man find true freedom. Recognizing the truth of Jesus’ analysis but unwilling to act on it, the young man turns away sad. We never learn what happens next, but we do know that Jesus’ words found a home in him. Who knows? Maybe this man eventually returned to become a disciple!

Spend some time with Jesus today. Let him look on you with love. Let him recount all the good he sees in you. He knows how hard you try. He knows how faithful you are to your family and friends, to your job and to your parish. He hears and remembers every prayer you have ever lifted up to him. He feels everything that hurts in your body and your spirit. Let him show you how precious you are to him.

Then take a further step. Let Jesus put his finger on one thing you treasure more than him—something that is holding you back. Perhaps money has become too important in your life. Perhaps you are caught in a persistent habit of sin. Perhaps you are nursing a grudge that you don’t want to give up. Join Jesus in looking these false idols in the face, and put them to flight. Let Jesus, who loves you, encourage you and show you the way of healing and hope he is providing for you.

“Jesus, thank you for knowing me and loving me. I place all my hope in you.”

Sirach 17:20-24; Psalm 32:1-2, 5-7


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