Mass Reading & Meditation for May 25, 2013

Meditation: Sirach 17:1-15

Saint Bede the Venerable, Priest and Doctor of the Church

“In his own image he made them.” (Sirach 17:1)

From the time you were very small, people were probably telling you that you look like this or that member of your family. “You have your father’s nose, your grandmother’s eyes, your sister’s chin.” Or maybe they said things about your temperament: “You act just like your father at that age!” But did you know that even more than your biological parents, you resemble your heavenly Father? Today’s first reading outlines how we are created in God’s image all the way to the core of our being. Sometimes, though, we need someone to point it out before we can see it for ourselves.

Think again about your childhood. Did you ever pester people with lots of questions? Did you like to draw and make things? Were you ever naughty, and you knew it even without someone telling you? These things might seem totally ordinary, but they are all signs that you bear God’s spiritual DNA. He gave you eyes and ears to help you discover his presence and engage with the world around you. He put an inventive heart in you so that you could share in his act of creating and fashioning things from this earth. That part of you that, even as a little child, knew right from wrong? That’s his divine gift of conscience—his own voice helping you to understand and to follow his ways!

All of these qualities point to something else, too. They show that you were created as a child of eternity. God himself is your Father; you belong to him. They also show that you belong to heaven—that it is your birthright, an inheritance that your Father longs to see you take hold of.

Today, take some time to reflect on your identity as a child of God. Let him show you the ways that you reflect his holiness, his beauty, and his glory. Ask him how certain aspects of your personality resemble his character. Let these insights fill you with joy and confidence. You are not just an “ordinary person.” You are a child of God. You have a marvelous destiny. You belong to eternity!

“Father, help me to see our resemblance. Show me who I really am in your eyes.”

Psalm 103:13-18; Mark 10:13-16


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