Minutes of the May 7, 2013 SVDP Board Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Board Meeting May 7, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm Doreen Owens Dennis Roman Mercedes Henry
Judy Collum Pat Karakoosh Barbara Maiz Jeanette Guzman Susan Loso Trace Trylko Anne Merrill Cathy Skoff Ann Shea Nancy Barbanera
Minutes from previous meeting approved with the correction of Ellie being listed twice in attendance.

Judy passed around get well cards for Mary and Dominick.
Judy received a letter from the Parish office requiring all members to have a current fingerprinting. The cost per person is $57.25 and is required to be done by the end of the month. Judy will pursue getting funding and extending the deadline.

65. Utilities paid-$167.11
138. Inkind food-$100
317. Inkind food-$100
464. Rent- $220
679. Furniture-$100
760. Inkind food-$40
799. Lodging-$150/Inkind food-$100
809. Transportation-$65.86
822. Gas Voucher-$25
834. Inkind food-$100
840. Bus Passes-$16/Inkind food-$25
864. Lodging-$250/Inkind food-$30
870. Transportation-$110
875. Inkind food-$40/Lodging-$230
876. Inkind food-$75/Bus passes-$16.20/Lodging-$185.84/Lodging-$120
877. Utilities paid-$103.12/Inkind food-$100
878. Inkind food-$150/Bus passes-$4.05
879. Utility paid-$184.08
880. Inkind food-$150/Utility paid-191.82
881. Bus passes-$4.05
882. Rent- $317
Bags of Care:
All Soul School-15 bags- $375
Pine Crest School-21 bags-$315
Faith Formation-3 bags-$75

Checking account balance: $10,382.81
Savings account balance-$30,225.68

Please turn in your volunteer hours/miles to Judy for the past months.
SACSON- There will only be a meeting once a month during the summer months.
Scholarship Committee- Anne reported they have received 34 applications. They interviewed 20 people and have chosen 4 winners. The award ceremony is May 20, 2013.
Young Vincentians- Susan reported they have 10 new members. They all went to dinner with Father Trout recently. They will be having a skating party on May 30, 2013.

SVDP Executive Director Report- The next SVDP Spiritual Retreat will be on May18, 2013. Next quarterly meeting is July 20, 2013 at St James.
Wash Day- Next event is May 15, 2013. Kevin and Cathy will work it.
Pantry- Barbara and Pat reported the pantry is well stocked.
Voice of the Poor- N/A

We discussed the status of sponsorship packets.
We discussed the Mother’s Day Flower Sale. Meeting at the White House May 10 to put flowers together.
We discussed the Appreciation Dinner on June 11, 2013. Suzanne will be making ziti for the dinner, so we need to bring salad and desserts. All invitations have been sent out.

Next Grace and Grits-May 22, 2013.

Closing Prayer. Next meeting-Member –May 20, 2013 at 7 pm.

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