May 10, St. Damien de Veuster

God is king of all the earth. — Psalm 47:8

Mass Readings: Acts 18:9-18/John 16:20-23

Bridges of Hope

The Psalmist mused, “You understand my thoughts from afar” (Ps 139:2). Jesus was sensitive to the disciples’ anxiety even though they hadn’t verbalized their worries (Jn 16:18-19). While Jesus doesn’t sugarcoat harsh realities — today’s Gospel passage is liberally sprinkled with words like “weep,” “mourn,” “grieve,” “anguish” and “pain” — He builds bridges of hope, beginning with the word “but”: a woman in labor suffers greatly, but this pain is replaced by incomparable joy as she cuddles her baby; the disciples will mourn Jesus’ death, but their grief will be transformed into indestructible joy. Although they grapple with hard questions, with the Resurrection (and the coming of the Holy Spirit) understanding will dawn.

Jesus also understands my fears and apprehensions — about family, finances, the future. And He offers me the gift of hope as He invites me to experience His joy.

Prayer: God of Hope, help me remember You are always with me.

Courtesy of Our Sunday visitor:


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