Mass Reading & Meditation for May 9, 2013

Meditation: Acts 18:1-8

The Ascension of the Lord or Easter Weekday

A man named Titus Justus … (Acts 18:7)

Paul must have been pretty angry to shake out his garments and give up on the Jews in Corinth. But look! Just a few lines later, we read that the ruler of the synagogue and his whole family were converted, forming the foundation of the Corinthian church. How on earth did that happen? A man named Titus!

Titus was living a life that bridged two worlds. He was a Gentile, but he practiced Jewish customs and worshipped God. Despite all the opposition Paul received, Titus offered him a place to stay—and his house just happened to be right next door to the synagogue!

Coincidence? Probably not. God positioned Titus between two groups of people, and when Titus opened his door to Paul, he opened the door to an entire community of believers. Paul’s proximity to the synagogue, and his friendship with Titus, undoubtedly gave him numerous opportunities to keep sharing the gospel with the Jews who worshipped right next door to him. And it worked! From Paul’s later writings, we know that a number of Jews ended up joining the Corinthian church.

Maybe your life doesn’t bridge two worlds as obviously as Titus’ did. Still, think about the different groups of people you interact with. Think about your family, your job, your neighborhood, your church, the gym, and so on. Have you ever thought that God might have positioned you just perfectly in the midst of all these people to be a door-opener for the gospel?

Today, take some time to map out the many different connections you have. You could start by making a list or drawing a kind of web that illustrates the many groups you are linked to. Next, think and pray about how you can open the way for the gospel in each of these links. Then, look for ways to take advantage of these connections.

You may have to adjust your thinking a bit before you can see all the connections that God has placed in your life. But ask the Spirit to help you. And if you get stuck, just remember Titus. He simply invited Paul to stay with him. Even a small act of hospitality can do wonders!

“Lord, help me to open doors for the gospel wherever I go. Teach me how to bring people closer to you.”

Psalm 98:1-4; John 16:16-20


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