Minutes of the April 15, 2013 SVDP Membership Meeting

St Vincent DePaul Society of All Souls Church
Member Meeting April 15, 2013
Knights of Columbus Hall

Attending: Judy Wilhelm Doreen Owens Judy Collum Suzanne Kelly Merecedes Henry Trace Trylko Nancy Barbanera Kevin McGuire Mercedes Henry Kathy Skoff Anne Merrill Denise Lipscomb Williard Olsen Ann Shea
Judy distributed the next Vincentian Serving in Hope book.
Judy asked that we keep Mary Walker and Dominick Casella in our prayers and hope for a fast recovery.
Judy distributed a 6 month report covering our activities from 30 Sep 2013-31 March 2013.
The Minutes from April 01, 2013 were approved as posted.

Pantry Meat -$87.04
404. Inkind food-$15
124. Inkind food-$50
868. Lodging-$108/Inkind food-$40
870. Bus Passes -$20.25
871. Rent- $500/Utilities-$160
375. Lodging-$103.98/Gas Voucher-$25/Misc Purchases-$13.73/Inkind food-$25
799. Inkind food-$50
670. Inkind food-$75
864. Lodging-$125
32. Rent-$275
717. Inkind- food-$30
872. Rent-$275/Inkind food-$40
873. Inkind food-$40
874. Medical-$175.10
835. Lodging-$155.97
835. Inkind food-$50
Bags of Care:
All Souls School—12 bags-$300
Faith Formation-2 bags-$$50
Pinecrest-20 bags-$300
Checking account balance: $9940.00
Savings account balance-$30,000
Ann reported we received a matching grant from a parishioner who is an employee of Lockheed Martin. Thanks to Barbara Maiz, we have received a $250 from Gators to help with the cost of our Mother’s Day Flower Sale. We also had a generous donation from the Faith Formation 1st grade class of a bag of their collected change in the amount of approximately $8.00. J
We received a thank you card from Brenda Bellingham for helping a client.
Please turn in your volunteer hours/miles to Judy for the past months.
SACSON- The next meeting is April 23 at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Sanford.
Scholarship Committee- Anne reported they have received 31 applications. The deadline is fast approaching- April 20, 2013. They will be setting up interviews and will host the Award Ceremony on May 20, 2013.
Young Vincentians- Susan reported the members had a social event out rollerskating. They will be attending Mass at Corpus Christi and then going to dinner with Father Trout.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace reported the last Spiritual Retreat went well. The next event is May 18 at San Pedro Center. He reported the Solidarity Dues campaign has been defeated. SVDP will be hosting a jail ministry event at Holy Family Church with Sister Helen as a speaker. Trace reported the Longwood Thrift Store is supporting itself, but still needs more volunteers on a consistent basis. Please let Juan or Trace know if you can share some time at the store.
Wash Day- Next event is May 8, 2013. Kevin and Kathy will work it.
Pantry- Ellie reported the invitations have been sent out for the Appreciation Dinner on June 11, 2013. Please prepare to bring desserts and salads. There are now 2 less Bags of Care going to All Souls School.
Voice of the Poor- Suzanne reported that there is no new news at this time.

Judy asked for the status of the sponsorship packets for the next Walk for the Poor.
We discussed the Appreciation Dinner on June 11, 2013. Suzanne will be making ziti for the dinner, so we need to bring salad and desserts. All invitations have been sent out.

We discussed the Mother’s Day Flower Sale and Judy made a list of volunteers to work the event.
Next SVDP Retreat is at San Pedro Center May 18. Let Judy know if you are going.
Judy requested volunteers to process the bread delivery/storage every other week. Upcoming dates are April 22, May 6 & 20, June 3 &17, and July 1. Need to donations of gallon zip lock bags.
Trace asked for volunteers for the Longwood Thrift Store.

Closing Prayer. Next meeting-Board Meeting –May 6, 7 pm.


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