Question of the Day for Friday, April 26, 2013

Non-Catholic marriages

Q. I understand that if two non-Catholics get married and the marriage ends in divorce, before either of them can marry a Catholic, he or she must submit to an annulment process. I don’t understand the logic of this.

— J.B., Jacksonville, Fla.

A. Here’s a reply from OSV columnist Msgr. M. Francis Mannion:

The essential principle here is that the marriage of the non-Catholics is assumed to be a valid marriage. The Church respects the marriage of people of all religions. It does not set aside marriage bonds contracted by non-Catholics outside the boundaries of the Church. So a marriage between two non-Catholics before a justice of the peace is a valid marriage.

Thus the Church requires that the validity of the marriage be examined and a declaration of nullity given before a non-Catholic can enter into a valid marriage with a Catholic.

Courtesy of Our Sunday Visitor:


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