Question of the Day for Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Private Prayer?

Q. We have been reciting the Rosary after our Saturday morning Mass for many years. Our group has now been told that the Church considers the Rosary a “private prayer” and cannot be recited in a group in Church. Is this true? It seems that one of our previous priests or deacons would have mentioned this to us.

D.M., Carol Stream, Ill.

A. Here’s a reply from TCA columnist Father Ray Ryland, Ph.D., J.D:

It is true that the Rosary is a “private prayer” which one can pray alone if he chooses. But there are many other “private prayers,” acts of devotion, which the Church approves and commends. She has never forbidden us to pray the Rosary or other acts of devotion in the Church outside of Mass. Indeed, quite the contrary. The Church grants a plenary indulgence for praying the Rosary in a family or in a group in the Church.

Before the Second Vatican Council, it was not uncommon for people to pray the Rosary during Mass, interrupting the prayer only to gaze at the Blessed Sacrament at the two elevations. That was a misuse of the Rosary. Properly to worship during Mass, one must focus one’s whole attention on Our Lord and His passion.

Courtesy of Our Sunday Visitor:


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