Mass Reading & Meditation for April 11, 2013

Meditation: John 3:31-36

Saint Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr

He does not ration his gift of the Spirit. (John 3:34)

Have you ever been inspired by the stories of the saints who did marvelous things in the name of the Lord? Have you ever been touched by stories of how the first Christians were able to pray with people and see them healed? Maybe you felt inspired to try to imitate them—only to find your enthusiasm wane. “I don’t have the words to say. I don’t have the gifts. I don’t even know how to do these things.”

Well, today’s Gospel passage is for you, because it tells us, loud and clear, that God has given each of us his Holy Spirit. Even better, he hasn’t just given us a little part, or more to some and less to others. Each one of us has the entire Holy Spirit, the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead.

What does that mean? Your dreams of seeing loved ones come to the Lord can come true. Miracles really are possible. Changed hearts, forgiveness, transformation—they all have a chance!

It all starts as you wake up every morning and tell yourself, “I have the Holy Spirit in me.” Gradually the sense of powerlessness will give way to a new faith and confidence in what the Lord can do in you and through you.

Find a way to start. You could set a goal for yourself that by the end of next week, you will have told a co-worker about one way that God has worked in your life. You don’t have to get it perfect—especially not the first time—but you can be confident that you will get better with practice! Or maybe you can find a friend to go with you and visit a sick member of your parish. Together, you can offer to pray with that person and ask for Jesus’ healing power. Again, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t bold enough to do this right away. Don’t worry if the results aren’t remarkable at first. It takes time to learn how to work with the Spirit. Just remember: he lives in you, wholly, completely, and fully. He will form you into his vessel of grace!

“Lord, I believe that your Spirit lives in me. Grant me the courage to start stepping out in faith. I want to be a blessing to the people around me!”

Acts 5:27-33; Psalm 34:2, 9, 17-20


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