Minutes of the April 1, 2013 SVDP Board Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
April 01, Board Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Susan Loso, Judy Collum, Trace Trylko, Anne Merrill, Mary Walker, Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire, Dominick Casella, Kathy Skoff, Jeanette Guzman, Ann Shea, Pat Karakoosh, Barbara Maiz,
Minutes from March 18, 2013 approved as posted with the correction of Anne Merrill being in attendance.

Judy gave out the next book in the New Hope Series. Read Section 2.1 for the next meeting.
Judy spoke with Mary Valente regarding the renovations on the White House. Mary is checking on a person donating shingles and will advise. Father Voor would like SVDP members to donate to the renovation and then will go to the Parish for the remainder of funds.
Judy distributed Walk for the Poor sponsor packets.
Case Report:
273. Inkind food-$40
297. Inkind food-$50
449. Inkind food-$5
566. Rent- $550
589. Utility paid-$154.57
710. Inkind food-$100
746. Inkind food-$100
760. Inkind food-$75
830. Rent – $350
840. Inkind food-$50
843. Utility paid-$56.39
851. Inkind food-$100
860. Inkind food-$15/Transportation-$110/Medical-$200/Bus Passes-$40.50
861. Utility paid-$67.48/Inkind food-$50
862. Inkind food-$100
863. Inkind food-75/Utility paid-$200
864. Rent-$250
865. Inkind food-$100/Gas Voucher-$25
866. Lodging -$118
867. Inkind food-$100
868. Inkind food-$50/Lodging-$108
869. Gas Voucher-$20
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest -$300
All Souls School-$175.00
Faith Formation-$25.00
Next Case Manager Meeting-April 8, 6:30pm.
Savings account balance-$30,196.67
Checking balance-$8003.59
Case managers have a $1200 cap per week.
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
SACSON-Doreen reported she had received 6 birth certificates back from the Idignity event.
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported that Father Voor will allow the Young Vincentians to have a table outside of Church to sign up new members. She reminded us of the Life Drive going on now to collect all things baby, new and gently used.
Scholarship Committee: Anne reported they have received 4 scholarship applications back at this time. They have decided to extend the application deadline to 19 April, 2013, and Kathy has sent out reminders to all of the schools. .
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace reported that Mattie that co-taught the Ozanam training had passed away. Father Voor came out to bless the new thrift store in Longwood for the grand opening. It is now supporting itself, but still needs more volunteers. SVDP quarterly meeting is April 06 at Resurrection Church in Winter Garden. Let Judy know if you are attending.
Wash Day- Next event is April 17, 2013. Kevin, and Pat Hall will work it..
Pantry- Barbara and Pat reported on our upcoming Appreciation Dinner on June 11, 2013. It will be held from 6p-8p, dinner starting at 6:30pm, at the Social Hall. They have invited all of our sponsors and be handing out pasta and aluminum pans at the membership meeting. Dominick will donate wine for the dinner. Our last Bags of Care bags go out on 22 May, 2013.
Judy handed out sponsor packets for our next Walk for the Poor in September.
We discussed the Appreciation Dinner being held on June 11, 2013.
We discussed the Mother;s Day flower sale. We will meet at the White House on 10 May, 2013 to put flowers together at 6:30 pm. Judy will pass around a sign up sheet for working the sale at the next member meeting.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Member meeting – 15 April, 2013


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