In This Week’s All Souls Bulletin

Easter Blessings from all of your friends with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul!

Food Pantry Need of the Week: Pork and beans/baked beans. Last week: 233 items were donated with a retail value of $565. Thank you!

Deadline Approaching: Apply now for our 2nd Annual Scholarships. For more information, please call 407.330.4400 or download the information at:

Need your coupons: We continue to collect coupons for the Overseas Coupon Program (OCP) that serves military families by providing manufacturer’s coupons to overseas military bases. Coupons are placed on tables at the PX and the Commissary or handed out for use by military families on base. The coupons need to be only manufacturer ones, no “store” coupons, such as Target or Publix, etc. The coupons can be “food” or “non-food”, including pet food. Please leave coupons in the SVDP basket. Thank you!

Vincentian Reflection: Today as we celebrate the feast of Easter we find the challenge of also seeing and believing the resurrection that comes through our own lives of self-sacrifice which brings new life to others. Thank you for your continued generosity.


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