Minutes of the March 18, 2013 SVDP Membership Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
March 18, 2013 Member Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Aileen Lane, Judy Collum, Denise Lipscomb, Barbara Maiz, Pat Karakoosh, Ellie O’Brien, Kevin McGuire, Martin Mueller, Edwin Soto, Grised Daley, Susan Loso, Willard Olsen, Trace Trylko, Cathy Goretsky, Mary Walker, Avonne Segbers, Dominick Casella, Kathy Skoff, Mercedes Henry, Patt Hall, Susan Giancolleto, Suzanne Kelly, Nancy Barbanera
Minutes from March 04, 2013 Meeting approved as posted.

We read and discussed Chapter 6 in our Ozanam Hope Book and prayed for our new Pope Francis.
Judy reported on the Pastoral Council meeting:
Father Voor is encourgaging giving to our Catholic Appeal. Our Church attendance is up, as well as our income. There are 75 children enrolled in Faith Formation and 35 kids are going on a mission trip. Vigil Candles are turning a profit. Father Voor has purchased a new Baptismal Font for the front of the Church. Our Church By-laws are being updated and our White House will be updated with a new roof and flooring. There will be no Easter Egg Hunt this year, but there will be a Father/Daughter Dance.
Judy received a letter from FPL inviting members to a recognition luncheon on March 29. Let Judy know if you are able to attend.
Case Report:
441. Inkind food-$100
483. Inkind food-$60
609. Inkind food-$50
679. Lodging-$249/Gas Voucher-$25/Inkind food-$65
695. Inkind food-$60
803. Inkind food-$100
822. Gas voucher-$25
856. Gas Voucher-$25/Inkind food-$50
857. Rent-$625/Water-$133.91/Utilities-$189.89/Cellphone-$55/Geico Insurance-$78.64
859. Utility-$197.31
Freezer Meat-$94.12
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest -20 bags= $300
All Souls School-12 bags-$300
Faith Formation-2 bags=$50
We also gave food to Lady of the Lakes SVDP conference.
Checking account balance-$10,309.61
Susan G made a motion to buy leftover bus passes from SACSON. Dominick seconded the motion.(82 passes for $332.10)
Souper Supper netted $774.45.
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
SACSON- The IDIGNITY Event , held March 07, was able to help 137 people by 99 volunteers. Doreen reported everything went smoothly. They need to raise $6000 for the next event.
Young Vincentians: Susan L reported that there will be a new initiative starting shortly. The kids will have a Life Drive, collecting all things baby: diapers, wipes, gently used baby items. They are also working on a talent show.
Scholarship Committee: Anne thanked Doreen for printing the scholarship flyers and thanked all those who helped stuff the Church bulletins with the flyers. The flyers have been distributed to many local schools. The deadline for the applications is April 05, 2013.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace reported that there is still room for the Catholic Days at the Legislature in Tallahassee. Please let him know if you would like to attend. He reminded us of the Grand Opening of our Longwood Thrift Store on March 22, at 11:30am. He still needs volunteers to help out at the new store. He thanked Pat Hall for her participation in the Ozanam Training sessions and reminded us the last session is Saturday in Cocoa. April 6 is the quarterly SVDP meeting in Winter Garden at Resurrection Church.
Wash Day- Next event is April 17, 2013. Kathy , Kevin and Pat will work it.
Pantry- Barbara reported that we have recently twinned with another SVDP with lots of pasta. We still have Souper Supper cookbooks for sale @ $7.00. Pat asked if anyone drops off food at the Pantry to please leave a note as to where it came from, so they can send thank you notes. Please drop any clothing donations in the drop box at the Church, not on the White House porch. If you are delivering Bags of Care, please ask for the bags to be returned. The Pantry Ladies are planning an Appreciation Dinner for Knights of Columbus, CCW and the Spanish Prayer Group on June 11 at 6:30 pm. Please make a dish to bring, using pasta, cranberries or pumpkin. J Bring any extra oven mitts that night.
Voice of the Poor: Suzanne will send out links to any pertinent information. They are also holding a meeting at Annunciation on the first Wednesday in April.
Twenty five SVDP members enjoyed dinner together at Mickey Finns on March 09, 2013 after the Mass for the Poor.
The truck is coming this weekend, March 23/24. Let Judy know when you can help.
April 6 is the next Diocesan Quarterly Meeting at Resurrection Church in Winter Garden. Let Judy know if you are attending.
We all already having a countdown until our next Walk for the Poor in September. Judy is looking for people to distribute sponsorship packets to local business for their support.
Anne discussed the Disaster Relief conference. They want to be ready with listings of shelters, communication networks and to case record protection from any weather disaster.
Trace thanked Anne .
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Board meeting – April 01, 2013. Case Management meeting April 8th, Membership meeting April 15.


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