Mass Reading & Meditation for March 26, 2013

Meditation: Isaiah 49:1-6

Tuesday of Holy Week

The Lord called me from birth. (Isaiah 49:1)

Who is this Jesus who was crucified on Good Friday and rose on Easter Sunday? This question is worth asking every day. Often, however, when we read Scripture, we are tempted to reduce Jesus to what our mind recalls about him. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Servant Songs in the Book of Isaiah, for instance, can give us prophetic glimpses into Jesus and unveil for us more the mystery of the Word made flesh who suffered for us.

So who is Jesus? He is the servant of God sent to fulfill all the hopes of Israel. He is in such solidarity with God’s chosen people that he even bears their name, Israel (Isaiah 49:3). He is the one hidden in the Father’s “quiver” for just the right time (49:2). And when that time came, he manifested himself to Israel and offered them a share in his Father’s glory.

Who is Jesus? He is not only the fulfillment of Israel’s long-promised restoration. He is also a “light to the nations,” destined to bring salvation to all nations (Isaiah 49:6). So great is God’s love for his creation that he became a man in order to bring salvation to every corner of the earth. Through Jesus, every person in the world can now enter into a covenant relationship with God.

Who is Jesus? He is the eternal Son who has united himself to you. The bond of love he has with you is so strong that nothing in heaven or on earth can break it. There is nothing that Jesus cannot do for you. He can remove the sting of painful memories by leading you through steps of healing and forgiveness. If a loved one is suffering through a crisis of faith, he can draw them to his side as you pray, serve, and gently reach out to them with words of encouragement and hope. This is who Jesus is. No one is beyond his saving power.

“Lord Jesus, I surrender to your wisdom and love. By your Spirit, I want to turn away from relying only on human wisdom for help. Lord, I trust in your saving power.”

Psalm 71:1-6, 15, 17; John 13:21-33, 36-38


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