Minutes of the March 4, 2103 SVDP Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
March 04, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Susan Loso, Judy Collum, Trace Trylko, Anne Merrill, Mary Walker, Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire, Dominick Casella, Jeanette Guzman, Ann Shea,
Minutes from February 18, 2013 approved as posted.

Judy welcomed Eileen from Our Lady of the Lakes in Deltona..
Judy presented a letter from our National President requesting a solidarity contribution to National for 1 per cent of our income.
Case Report:
273. Inkind food-$60
441. Rent-$625
679. Lodging-$249
710. Inkind food-$30
760. Inkind food-$25/Lodging-$120
790. Inkind food-$30
799. Inkind food-$35
809. Rent-$200
834. Inkind food-$50
840. Inkind food-$50
856. Inkind food-$100/$20/Gas Voucher-$25
858. Inkind food-$50/Utilities-$239.70
679. Inkind food-$60
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest -20 bags= $300
All Souls School-12 bags-$300
Faith Formation-2 bags=$50
January contribution from All Souls-$2784.00
Savings balance-$30,196.67
Checking balance-$11,499.77
Our net income from Souper Supper-$744.45
Income from Souper Supper Cookbooks-$153.00
We spent $65.14 on meat.
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
SACSON-IDIGNITY is being held on March 7, 2013 at the Salvation Army. Meet at the White House the night before to load up all necessary supplies and then meet at the Salvation Army to set up.
Young Vincentians: Susan proudly reported they have 47 members now. She ordered t-shirts and badges for all new members. They helped out at the Church Fish Fry . The kids have been divided into committees and are coming up with new volunteer projects as well as social activities. They are currently running another sock drive. Starting March 17, they will be running a diaper drive.
Scholarship Committee: Anne reported flyers will be going into the Church bulletins. They need 1000 copies. They have distributed applications at 10 local schools.
SVDP Executive Director Report- Trace reported the next Quarterly meeting will be held at Resurrection Church in Winter Garden on April 06, 2013. He said sales have been good at both the Apopka and Clermont stores recently. He will let us know when the Longwood store will have their Grand Opening.
Wash Day- Next event is March 13, 2013. Mary and Kevin will work it.
Pantry- Our pantry is well stocked thanks to our parishioners and the Knights of Columbus food drive.
Voice of the Poor- N/A
Souper Supper on February 16, 2013 went well. Judy thanked everyone for their participation and hard work.
Our Drop Box is now at the Church over by the dumpster. It is for clothing,shoes and small household items.
Grace and Grits went well on Februrary 27, 2013. Thanks to all who helped.
Our next Mass for the Poor is March 09, 2013 at the 5pm Mass at the Church. There will be a social afterwards at Mickey Finn’s in Orange City.
The truck is coming the weekend of March 23024. Sign up to work a shift.
SVDP Quarterly meeting- April 06, 2013.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Member meeting –March 18, 2013


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