Question of the Day for Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayers of Sinners

Q. If a person is not in the state of grace and he prays for some reason or another to obtain help or such, does his prayers count? Or are the prayers for naught?

— Doris

A. Here’s a reply from Father Reginald Martin:

St. Thomas Aquinas observed in his Summa Theologiae that Masses offered by sinful priests have the same value as those offered by virtuous priests because the sacrifice is the same. So does the Divine Office prayed by an unworthy priest, because this is the prayer of the entire Church. However, St. Thomas notes, an individual’s virtue affects the value prayer, “and in this respect there can be no doubt … that the Mass of the better priest is more fruitful.”

Read the rest of the answer at Our Sunday Visitor:


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