Mass Reading & Meditation for February 2, 2013

Meditation: Luke 2:22-40

The Presentation of the Lord

“There was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon.” (Luke 2:25)

Luke doesn’t tell us how much time passed between Simeon’s revelation that he would see the Messiah and the day Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the Temple. But as each day dawned, you can imagine Simeon wondering, “Is this the day?” Every morning was probably filled with expectation and trust that God would keep his promise.

We can imagine Simeon praying each day and wondering what the Messiah would be like. How would he recognize him? He may have had many ideas but didn’t want them to cloud his vision when the Messiah actually arrived. Surely he pored over the Torah and the prophets for insights, even as he tried to read the signs of the times.

As a result, every day that he prayed and pondered God’s word, every time he recalled God’s promise, Simeon became more and more prepared to see Jesus. His heart grew softer and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. So every day that Jesus did not appear was not a waste or a huge disappointment. Simeon was getting holier!

Speaking of the promised Messiah, the prophet Malachi asked, “Who will endure the day of his coming?” (Malachi 3:2). Simeon’s life reflected the answer to this question. It is the one who comes to God day after day and reaffirms that God is faithful, loving, true to his word, and just in all he does. These are the ones who will stand. These are the ones who will hear. These are the ones who will proclaim who Jesus is to the world.

Do you believe that every moment that you pray bears fruit? Every time you come to the Lord, he molds your heart and teaches your mind—whether you recognize it or not. Every day, Jesus is making you ready to receive him when he comes again. So approach his throne of grace today, anticipating his touch. Tell him that you want to receive his grace and his truth. Then, like Simeon, you too will be able to abide the day of Jesus’ coming.

“Father, I love you. I come to you today filled with gratitude that you welcome me. Your promises are true, and I rejoice in the ways you are molding my heart even now.”

Malachi 3:1-4; Psalm 24:7-10; Hebrews 2:14-18


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