Minutes of the January 21, 2013 SVDP Meeting

St. Vincent de Paul; All Souls Conference
Minutes of Membership Meeting of January 21, 2013
Members present: Dominick Casella, Grised Daley, Pat Hall, Mercedes Henry, Pat Karakoosh, Suzanne Kelly, Denise Lipscomb, Susan Loso, Barbara Maiz, Steve Martin, Kevin McGuire, Anne Merrill, Eleanor O’Brien, Willard Olsen, Doreen Owens, Ann Shea, Kate Simmons, Cathy Skoff, Ed Soto, Trace Trylko, Mary Walker, Judy Wilhelm, and Avonne Segbers.
The meeting was opened with prayer followed by a presentation and discussion on the Essential Elements of the Society: Spirituality, Faith Community and Service. Members were asked to review chapter 1.5, The Core Values of the Society for the next membership meeting.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented on the SVDP blog.
President, Judy Wilhelm, asked if any members needed volunteer travel miles for the previous year for tax purposes. She also discussed the upcoming Ozaman Training on Saturday along with all logistics.
The following case summary report for the previous two weeks is as follows. Cash and inkind assistance equaled $2,370.13.
Case 275 Water $83.28
Case 276 Meds 8.32
Case 469 Bus Tickets 4.00
Case 717 InKind Food 40.00
Case 748 InKind NonFood 80.00
Case 770 Rent 265.82
Case 799 Bus Tickets 11.00
Case 799 Rent 200.00
Case 799 InKind Food 30.00
Case 835 Shelter 57.71
Case 836 Rent 200.00
Case 837 Rent 200.00
Case 838 InKind Food 60.00
Case 839 Rent 300.00
Case 840 InKind Food 75.00
Case 841 InKind Food 75.00
Food for Pinecrest (20 Bags) 300.00
Food for All Souls (12 Bags) 300.00
Food for Faith Formation (2 Bag) 50.00
A report was also presented on SVDP 1st Quarter Statistics. 73 family units were assisted: 41 new clients (56%) and 32 repeat clients (44%). A total number of 188 persons were served. Composition: 20% black, 57% White and 23% Hispanic.
The Treasurer, Ann Shea, read two letters from last year’s scholarship recipients; announced our $15,000 grant; and reported that we received $126 in interest last year and our savings account balance is $15,196.67 and our checking account balance if $12,773.03. It was reported that we will now have pest control expenses on the White House along with utilities.
Committee Reports
Judy reminded members to turn in their volunteer’s hours and travel. She reported that the March 7th I-Dignity event is still tentative based on the ability to have the various entities available.
Susan Loso reported on the Young Vincentians. They are now in committees, will be sending pictures and information to the National Office about their activities, will assist with the Souper Supper and the Fish Fry and have other events scheduled. Susan was thanked for her excellent work with these young people.
Anne Merrill presented her committee’s work on the Scholarship Committee. A time line has been developed, criteria, and schools to be contacted. There was discussion about additional amounts being available, if there will be a scholarship in the memory of a family based on a contribution, and awards being made available on May 21st. Dominick will also become a member of this committee. The President requested that plans and criteria be made available at the next Board meeting with final decision being made on plan at that meeting so publicity can go forward.
Trace Trylko reported that the next quarterly meeting may be at Catholic Charities. He thanks all for attendance at the quarterly meeting and encouraged attendance at the upcoming Ozaman training. Pat Hall was commended on her work with this training. The new store in Longwood is open and accepting items and volunteers. The newest Conference is at Corpus Christi. He also requested if anyone is interested in attending Catholic Days at the legislature in March to contact him.
The next Wash Day is February 13 and Mary Walker and Avonne Segbers will attend. Ann Shea will make available $120 for this event.
Pat Karakoosh and Barbara Maiz said the “red bags” are working well with increased donations, they are looking into having a souper supper cookbook at some time in the future and several suggestions were made by members for a cookbook. The Knights of Columbus food drive will occur on February 23/24 with bags going out the week before.
Suzanne Kelly reported on Voice of the Poor. She will be sending out a memo to everyone about how to register for legislative updates.
Old Business
Doreen Owens reported that 172 children were provided gifts from the Angel Tree, we received $555 in gift cards, and distributed $600 in food for a grand total of $6,245. She reported that it was very well organized. She was congratulated on her work with this project!
New Business
The SVDP truck will be here the weekend of February 23/24 and the schedule was finalized for volunteers. The truck will also be going to several homes to pick up merchandise, and items will be delivered to the Longwood store.
Volunteers were received for Alive After 5 scheduled for February 14 from 5-8 pm. The three volunteers will be Cathy Skoff, Mary Walker and Suzanne Kelly. Person power is all that is needed; church supplies the rest..
The Souper Supper is scheduled for Saturday February 16. Volunteers were assigned for all foods and activities. Other members not in attendance will be requested to volunteer through e-mail. Mary Walker will be donating a quilt to be raffled off: $2 per ticket; $5 for three tickets. Thank you Mary!
Barbara Maiz brought up a fundraising activity for the future: a concert at our church by the UCF choir and possible orchestra. Trace indicated that Resurrection Parish be contacted as they had such an activity and they might be helpful in exploring this for next year.
The meeting was closed with prayer. The next Board of Director’s meeting is scheduled for February 4th.
Respectfully submitted for the secretary, Judy Wilhelm


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