Minutes of the January 7, 2013 SVDP Board Meeting

St Vincent de Paul Society of All Souls Church
January 07, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes
Knights of Columbus Hall

Opening Prayer
In Attendance: Judy Wilhelm, Doreen Owens, Dennis Roman, Susan Loso, Judy Collum, Trace Trylko, Anne Merrill, Mary Walker, Nancy Barbanera,, Kevin McGuire, Dominick Casella, Kathy Skoff, Jeanette Guzman, Ann Shea, Mercedes Henry
Minutes from December 17, 2012 Not posted yet. Will review at next meeting.

Judy passed around get well cards for Richard Lugering and Will Olsen..
Trace presented a SVDP with a grant from Datron in the amount of $15,000. J Thank you Judy and Trace!
Grant Requested : Recommended:
Scholarship $2000 $1500
Bags of Care $5400 $2000
Emergency Asst $10,000 $8300
Wash Day $1450 $750 (April – 30 Sep)
I.D’s $5000 $1450
Dominick made a motion to approve the recommended proposal. Ann Shea seconded the motion.
Let Judy know if you need your volunteer form info for your 2012 taxes.

We received a letter from Catholic Charities thanking us for our support.
We received final numbers for our Walk for the Poor 2012- $12065.96

Case Report:
253. Inkind food-$60
483. Inkind food-$60
589. Inkind food-$100
727. Inkind food-$90
769. Water paid -$233
770. Rent -$536/Inkind food-$60
818. Inkind food-$60
819. Inkind food-$30
831. Gas Voucher -$30
832. Utilities-$263.85/Inkind food-$50
833. Inkind food-$25/Lodging -$410/Gas Voucher -$340
834. Inkind food-$25/Bike items-$26.73
770. Inkind food-$60
809. Medication-$34.49/Inkind food-$50/Personal care/phone-$85.74
Bags of Care:
Pinecrest -10 bags= $600
All Souls School-8 bags-$400
Faith Formation-1 bags=$50
Judy distributed our 1st Quarter Financial Report.
Savings balance-$15,177.79
Checking balance-$10,029.12
Ann reviewed the deposit donors for December, including church envelopes, parishioners, private donors and the Spanish Prayer Group.
Please turn in your volunteer hours/mileage to Judy .
SACSON-Still meeting twice a month. No future date for Idignity as of yet..
Young Vincentians: Susan reported their next meeting is 20 Jan 2013. They will divide into committees. Trace would like them to complete a shortened version of Ozanam Training.
Scholarship Committee: Anne will be holding the first meeting of the year 10 January 2013 at her house. Ann Shea reported that she did receive a nice letter from Jessica recently.
SVDP Executive Director Report- January 12, 2013 is the first quarterly meeting at St. Andrews. January 26 is a MANDATORY Ozanam training for all. January 8 will be a mock orientation at the Apopka store. Please let Trace know if you can attend. Our new thrift store in Longwood is now open for business. They brought in $1000 in the first and second day , per day.. Please let Trace or Juan know if you can come out and help . They are currently taking donations. . Our next truck for donations will be the weekend of Feb 26/27, 2013.
Wash Day- Next event is January 09, 2013. Mary, Kevin, and Dominick will work it.
Pantry- Anne discussed the Bags of Care schedule.
Angel Tree: Doreen reported that we had 4 gifts each for 169 children. She estimated the value of the gifts at $5120, $525 in gift cards and inkind food donated valued at $600 for a grand total of $6245. . Thank you again for all your hard work Doreen and everyone that participated.
There is a mandatory Ozanam Training for All Souls on January 26, 2013. Mark your calendars!
There is a quarterly SVDP meeting at St Andrews January 12 . Let Judy know if you are attending.
Again, don’t forget our Ozanam Training January 26, from 9a-12p , in the Social Hall.
Final Walk income total-$12065.96.
Our Truck is coming the weekend of January 26/27. Let Judy know when you can work.
Closing Prayer.
Next meeting- Member meeting – January 21, 2013 at 7pm.


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