December 28, Holy Innocents

Our soul has been rescued like a bird from the fowler’s snare. — Psalm 124:7

Mass Readings: 1 John 1:5–2:2/Matthew 2:13-18
Good Over Evil

The feast of “Holy Innocents” recalls the victims of Herod in his maniacal desire to maintain his political power. How many such victims have there been, under how many regimes, in how many countries, over how many centuries, worldwide? The numbers are staggering, uncountable; the suffering, incalculable. How many mothers have been “Rachel weeping for her children, who would not be consoled, since they were no more”?

Today we remember the innocents murdered at the time of Jesus’ birth — and we celebrate them. How can we do that? What can it mean — except that we believe in a God whose infinite goodness will finally triumph over even the most horrendous evils? How so, we can’t fathom. Yet we celebrate these “holy innocents” — a pledge of the final victory of good over evil.

Prayer: Lord, let my prayer reach out for all the innocents of our age.

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