Mass Reading & Meditation for December 23, 2012

Catholic Meditations
Meditation: Luke 1:39-45

4th Sunday of Advent

“Blessed are you who believed!” (Luke 1:45)

When something exciting hap­pens, you can’t contain yourself; you simply have to share the news with someone else. This is what hap­pened with Mary and Elizabeth. They had both experienced some­thing miraculous, and they couldn’t wait to talk with each other about it.

When Mary appeared, Elizabeth was “filled with the Holy Spirit” and cried out words of blessing (Luke 1:41-42). Mary, in reply, offered a prayer of worship to the Lord for all he was doing in her (1:46-55).

Try to imagine the conversa­tion these two women must have had. You can picture them, in their excitement, jumping from the highly spiritual (“Why would God choose me?” “I wonder what this new king­dom is going to be like?”) to very practical (“I’m going to need new clothes!” “Do you know the name of a good midwife?”) and back to the spiritual again. It’s only natural: nothing is more exciting than grace in action!

As natural as it might have been for Mary and Elizabeth, sometimes we have to make the decision to move the conversation to the Lord. But when we do, we’ll find the Spirit opening our eyes and filling us with more of his grace. We’ll find our­selves more excited and energized about our prayer, our works of ser­vice, and our love for the Lord.

The church is about evangelizing and growing in holiness. It’s about everyday people responding to the Spirit and working together in love to achieve these ends. Surely Mary and Elizabeth’s time together strength­ened both of them for the work that lay ahead. The same can happen for us as we share with each other about the things that God is showing us. It doesn’t have to be deep or profound. We just have to try, and the Holy Spirit will fill us.

“Lord, open our hearts to your work, and open our lips to share your wonders.”

Micah 5:1-4; Psalm 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19; Hebrews 10:5-10


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